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Founder’s Node Proposal: Testing a New Transparent Voting System

August 1, 2023
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This Founder’s Node vote is a TEST of our new transparent voting notification system in Discord, which will allow users to easily access specific vote data.

Let’s cut right to the chase. We’re about to launch the most delicious and mouth-watering debate in the history of Gala Games — Pizza, Tacos, or Sandwiches?

Although this Founder’s Node vote might seem like a lighthearted and playful ice-breaker, it represents a significant milestone for our community. We’re dedicated to transparency, inclusivity and decentralization, and we’re excited to put this new feature to the test. Our wizards have been tinkering away behind the scenes, and now we’re ready to see their newest spell in action.

For the implementation of this feature, Node vote code repos have been submitted to an external auditing service. We will release the results of the audit as soon as it is available.

Setting the Menu

The outcome of this vote is significant in one way. The victorious food item will determine the fare for the next casual IRL Gala Gold gathering. So if you’re in Gala Gold and want to connect, make sure you get your say on the menu!

This vote is open now to all Founder’s Node operators. Operators, cast your vote now at

You’ll find real-time voting updates in Discord in the node-vote-results channel.

May the best food win!

Governance Vote Node Proposal

Which of the following food items is your favorite?

Option 1: Tacos
Option 2: Sandwiches
Option 3: Pizza

P.S. Please vote responsibly. Gala Games cannot be held accountable for any sudden cravings or midnight snack runs that may result from participation in this vote. We’re all in this together, folks!