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Gold Comes to Dragon Strike: Aurum Arrives

August 3, 2023
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The legendary Hero Aurum has made his debut in Dragon Strike as a special, gilded gift to all Gala Gold members!

Are you ready to take on the competition? What if you were equipped with some extra bling!?

We think Gala Gold is ready. That’s exactly why we’re sending out the legendary Hero Aurum to everyone in the Gala Gold club. This hero is wearing our favorite color, and comes with the all new Molten Gilding Skill. Melt one opponent down with intense single target damage, then apply a four turn burn. This way they think twice before they tangle with a hero this shiny again!

Solid Gold

All Gala Gold members can now head to the marketplace within Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG to claim a special bonus– including Aurum! Players must have their in-game account connected to their Gala Account with a Gold membership to claim this reward. This won’t be an NFT version of this Hero… but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

This package for Gala Gold members also includes one free Scroll of Minting. This way if you max out your Aurum’s level, it’ll be a breeze to turn him into a shiny new NFT. The package will also include an in-game Avatar so everybody will know just how Gold you are!

You’ll need to have a Dragon Strike Account with a linked Gala Games Account to get in on this Gala Gold perk. If you’re part of the Gold crew but haven’t played Dragon Strike yet… what are you waiting for!? Get in here and have some fun!

This offer will be available for two weeks, so there’s still time for new Gala Gold members to grab a pack!

Get In the Gold

We do little things here and there to take care of our Gala Gold members, and this certainly won’t be the last time.

Gala Gold comes with a bunch of perks, and we’ve been known to periodically send out rewards to all members. In addition to all that though, Gala Gold gets first access to the freshest behind the scenes info and details on developing games. When we need extra playtesters, the Gala Gold exclusive Discord channel is usually where we’re headed.

You may have missed out this time, but there’s always more coming. Get in the Gold today!