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The Soldier Reporting for Duty

August 8, 2023
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A deadly foe waits in cover. Do you have the steady hand to be the next great sniper?

Greetings Pilots! Today we have the great honor of introducing a new tank into the arena. Usually, we’re here to tell you about a new rookie model, straight off the production line. Not today… this Tank may be new, but it is a stone-cold veteran through and through.

Today we welcome The Soldier to the arena. This Tank features the Sniper Rifle Weapon atop the heavy metal intimidation of the Tracks Body. Slap a helmet on top to keep that processor protected, and you’ve got a professional killer on your hands.

Even with absolute chaos around, this sniper is able to find his mark.

Sale Details

Unlike our recent Generation 2 Tank sales, the supply for these items will come out in one single wave next Tuesday.

These parts will hit the Spider Tanks Store on Tuesday, August 15th at 12pm PT.

As has been the case since the beginning of Generation 2, these Tank Parts will enter the store with a discount applied. As always, this discount may be modified or removed at any time, so don’t wait too long to recruit your Soldier!

The Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is a deadly Weapon from humanity’s brutal past. While warfare is a distant historical curiosity to us in these more civilized times, for most of humankind’s history we developed more and more fiendish ways to kill each other. Those days are gone, but we can celebrate humanity’s heritage of destruction in the arena!


The Sniper Rifle is based on an ancient Weapon of brilliant craftsmanship. We know from the historical records that the first of these weapons was likely developed by Assyrian nomads in the 7th century BCE, shortly after the discovery of gunpowder. While this model doesn’t use anything as archaic as gunpowder, you’ll still get that classic feel of an authentic rifle.

The Sniper Rifle isn’t for a Pilot with shaky hands. This Weapon requires extreme precision, but those who master its simple ballistics will find they can deliver death quickly from across the arena.

This sniper has swapped out Tracks for more mobility, but still is just as deadly!

With high projectile speed and long distance, a well aimed sniper bullet can exploit even the smallest openings in enemy defenses. It doesn’t reload fast, but make your shots count and it won’t need to.


This is not a play Tank. This is the real deal.

Tough to find a weakness on this solid chunk of metal!

The entire idea of “Tanks” was first spawned in the early 17th century. During a colonial border conflict, the Empire of Japan created massive, rocket-powered mechanical suits to defeat the Republic of Russia in an unprecedented act of naval destruction.

Years later, this design would be perfected into large, vehicular personnel carriers on great tracks by engineers from the United States of Canada. These were both a weapon of war and the commuter vehicle of choice up until the outbreak of the First Surface War.

Like Nomad or Santa’s Slay, Tracks is not an omnidirectional Body. This means that it can only move forward and will turn its nose forward any time its momentum changes direction. Functionally, the biggest difference this causes for most Pilots is that Tracks can’t stop instantly just from cutting off propulsion. It will continue to crawl slightly in the direction of your movement.

This means that Tracks excels when it can continue moving, and will often benefit from sweeping motions like figure eights and loops, compared to other Tanks that can dodge by just strafing back and forth.

Notably, Tracks is MASSIVE. While it doesn’t boast the Armor of Titan, it certainly packs more Speed than that behemoth. It also will now hold the title of highest Energy Body among Tanks currently available in the arena. Even the high-Energy Nomad can’t compete with how fast Tracks can power up Abilities.

Soldier’s Helmet

A good soldier knows… protect your head!

Warning: Attached lighter is for display only, and misuse may result in plasma burns or death.

Whether you’re shielding a central processing unit or a fleshy meat brain, what better way to make sure that nothing can splatter your thinking bits than with a thick hunk of carbon nanofiber composite!?

The Soldier’s Helmet gives you protection where you need it most, and can add quite a bit of durability for just a fantastically fashionable hat!

Ready… Aim…

Get fired up about The Soldier, because they’ll be infiltrating the arena next week! Will you take up the fight, or just be the Tank on the wrong end of the scope?

This won’t be the last new Tank to enter the arena. We’ll see you before too terribly long with a preview of the next model… as soon as we can solve a small spontaneous implosion issue in testing.

Until we’re back, stay hidden from those snipers. We wish you straight shooting and good fortune in the battles to come!