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Introducing Rep: A Web3 Social Network Coming to GalaChain

July 11, 2023
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GalaChain will soon host a new web3 social media network called Rep with a dedicated Node network.

It’s time to officially announce that a groundbreaking new web3 social media network called Rep is coming soon to GalaChain. This adventure is set to demonstrate the remarkable potential of GalaChain, expand the Gala Games ecosystem to a wider audience, and elevate the overall Gala Games experience with cutting edge social features.

Your Data, Your Rep

In a world where data privacy has become a significant concern and online giants are clashing over control of social platforms, Rep is a breath of fresh air. This partnership between Gala Games and Rep goes beyond providing an engaging social media experience; it underscores our commitment to empowering users to own their data and regain control.

While the war between Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg’s competing social network, Threads, rages on, Rep aims to revolutionize the social media landscape with a user-focused approach. In stark contrast to tiring traditional platforms, Rep’s core ethos is to put control back into the hands of the users. Sound familiar?

GalaChain Fits Rep

The most beautiful part is the platform has already been built (with awesome geolocation and AR capabilities). The work ahead is about bringing it to GalaChain.

Check out the Rep preview!

For anyone concerned that using GalaChain to host a social media network would somehow dilute our mission–Rest assured that development and management of Rep are entirely in the hands of an extraordinary third-party team. While this project will level us up considerably, we barely have to spend any time grinding it.

As we have said over and over, we’re all about making the best games you’ve ever played. The best games you’ve ever played will always have an integral social component. That’s why it’s so important to support a social media platform with a vision as big as ours and (thanks to GalaChain), the web3 power to pull it off.

This platform will enhance your experience as a Gala Games player in countless ways, with no ongoing resources needed from the Gala Games team. This is where the GalaChain infrastructure we have worked so hard to build gets a chance to show the world what it can do.

The Journey of Rep

We can hardly wait for Gala Games treasure hunts!

A prototype of Rep has already been successfully built nearby (on the NEAR blockchain in fact), but in the coming months, it will transition to GalaChain. Here, it will be hosted by a network of Rep Nodes and fully integrated within the Gala Games ecosystem.

To learn more about Rep, check out this May blog post from founder Neil Haran. The first Rep Node licenses will be available soon. Look for more details about the upcoming Rep Node license sale during next week’s new episode of Ahead of the Game with BitBender, Thursday, July 13th at 4pm PT.

Earning Rewards on Rep

Rep Users will have multiple opportunities to earn rewards, whether operating Nodes, interacting with the network, or referring new users. Because Rep will be built on GalaChain, all users on Rep will have access to Gala Games ecosystem accounts. This includes access to a diverse range of exciting platforms such as Gala Games, Gala Film, and Gala Music.

Treasure Hunts on Rep

One of the most exciting things about Rep on GalaChain is the Treasure Hunt feature. The possibilities are virtually endless for things like scavenger hunts, quests, contests and more. Look for more information very soon about the first of these gamified social contests!

Gala Friends on Rep

Let’s cut right to the chase: we owe you a friend system. You need social features in your state-of-the-art gaming experience! One of the reasons we’re so excited about Rep is Gala Friends. You’ve been hearing about it for long enough–It’s time to make Gala Friends a reality.

Gala Friends will be among the first examples of a dedicated social network within the Rep ecosystem. Thanks to the immense capabilities of Galachain, we’re all about to level up and unlock the ability to create private label web3 social media networks of our own. There will be plenty of time for more information about that later, but you can go ahead and get excited about it now.

The Future of Rep

Stay tuned for detailed information about Rep from its development team, relayed to you through the Gala Games blog. As mentioned above, Gala Games is planning to host a Node license sale for Rep within the coming weeks. More detailed information will not be revealed until the new episode of Ahead of the Game with BitBender on Thursday, July 13th at 4pm PT.

Benefits for Gala Games

This partnership presents a unique opportunity to bring in a new audience of social media users who haven’t yet experienced web3. By providing the backbone and structure of the network, Gala Games allows Rep to decentralize its hosting and empower its users just as we do on the Gala Games platform.

The introduction of Rep on GalaChain marks the beginning of a new chapter, and illustrates the immense power and utility of GalaChain to the wider web3 world.

This is just the start, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey with all of you.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new platform and network, the upcoming Node license sale, and the many ways it will revolutionize the Gala Games experience.

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