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Ahead of the Game — Ep7 Recap, Ep8 Hype

July 12, 2023
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Isn’t it refreshing to have a weekly check-in with BitBender about all the latest happenings in the Gala Games ecosystem. There’s never a shortage of information, but getting it all out to the community can sometimes present a challenge. That’s why we’re here week after week with Ahead of the Game, the new Gala Games podcast.

Watch the new episode on Thursday at 4pm PT.

Episode 7 Recap

04:55 — Upcoming Node governance discussion

This is where Jason first announced the Node proposal outlined in the blog below, which is set to kick off early next week.

06:50 — The future of Gala Gold

Gala Gold will soon see some big changes… Suffice it to say that you’ll want to become a member if you aren’t yet.

08:30 — Spider Tanks

Don’t miss this important update about everything coming soon for Spider Tanks, including details on an upcoming SILK giveaway.

11:20 — Echoes of Empire

Check out the sweet new gameplay trailer, along with some great new concept art eye candy from the team!

15:13 — Champions Arena

The team is currently focused on GalaChain integration, one of the most important final pieces before launch!

16:13 — Eternal Paradox

Watch here for some epic guild vs. guild combat footage from the recent playtest. You might also catch some art leaks!

18:10 — Mirandus

Blue Realm token holders should get their questions ready for an upcoming Mirandus art AMA, exclusively for the Blue Realm.

19:00 — DragonStrike

Jason was excited about the newly kicked off Gala Games leaderboard in DragonStrike. Have you played DragonStrike yet? More details can be found in the blog below.

20:08 — Community Interview

This is where BitBender asks the questions and a well-known community member provides the answers.

39:00 — AMA begins

Jason is never afraid to take on the tough questions. See for yourself! The community always has some great questions for him.

Check out the big new feature leak at 41:55!

That’s about it for last week, so now you’ll be ready for the new episode on Thursday at 4pm PT! Go ahead and set a notification now at the link below.

Jason will share more details about Rep, the new social media adventure coming soon to GalaChain. We’re psyched about that one and you should be too.

While you’re waiting for your next Gala Games news fix, join the discussion in Discord and play all our awesome games!