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Introducing GalaChain Poker and the $GCHIP Token Launch

April 26, 2024
GalaChain Poker is coming to Gala, with new ways to win, a new token called $GCHIP and much more.
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After digesting valuable community feedback and wrestling with some yet undecided but important details of GalaChain Poker, the Gala team has decided to postpone this launch and the accompanying node sale.

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  • GalaChain Poker launches in mid May, 2024
  • GalaChain Poker is unrelated to PokerGO Play, which will continue.
  • Prior economy update plans for PokerGO Play now apply solely to GalaChain Poker.
  • Tokenized Table Node licenses will be available early next week, limited to only 200 with the lowest possible pre-launch pricing.
  • 60% of $GCHIP will go to players/referrers and 30% to Texas Hold’em Table Node operators.
  • Subscribe for Table Node sale updates at

Prepare for an exhilarating addition to the Gala Games ecosystem with the upcoming launch of GalaChain Poker, accompanied by its pioneering AI token, $GCHIP. Here’s what you need to know about the new game and token.

Join members of the GalaChain Poker team tonight (April 26th) on Youtube starting at 6pm PT as they answer questions about the reward economy and share some of GalaChain Poker’s vision for the future!

Introducing GalaChain Poker

In just a few weeks, GalaChain Poker will make its GalaChain debut, and anticipation is building for what promises to be a major advancement in blockchain gaming.

Through the speed, scalability and security of GalaChain, we finally have the ability to deliver these features to the world without altering what you love about your favorite wagering games.

$GCHIP–The First AI Gaming Token

$GCHIP is set to revolutionize the way we play poker online. As Gala’s first AI Gaming token, $GCHIP will offer players state-of-the art advice and insights, driven by AI and derived from a comprehensive analysis of game strategies and player behavior.

The primary utility of $GCHIP will eventually be powering the game’s various AI add-on features. These features will also be powered by Texas Hold’em Table Nodes, described below in greater detail.

GalaChain Poker’s robust set of AI features will not immediately be available with launch, but will come with future updates as ways for players to spend the $GCHIP they have received as rewards. 

$GCHIP is designed to not only enhance the gaming experience, but also to provide real tradable value and utility within the GalaChain Poker ecosystem.

As a GalaChain minted token, $GCHIP will be easily transferable within the ecosystem. This allows players the freedom to swap their rewards for various other currencies and use them as they please, within or without the Gala Games ecosystem. 

For players who choose to keep those $GCHIP rewards in the game, we’ll soon present some new AI-powered utility options that will open doors to additional rewards, enhanced poker gameplay, AI instruction and much more.

Stability in PokerGo Play

Fans of the existing free-to-play casual poker game, PokerGo Play, can breathe easy—there will be no changes and we will continue to support it in its current form. It remains as engaging and accessible as ever.

While the first version of GalaChain Poker’s tokenomics was originally announced here as a new system for PokerGO Play, from this point on all new tokenomics will apply solely to the new title, GalaChain Poker. $GCHIP will not be used as a utility or reward token within PokerGO Play.

GalaChain Poker Tokenomics

GalaChain Poker will always be free to download and play, with various ways to participate without making purchases or owning $GCHIP. However, for those who wish to get involved in the strategic intricacies of the game’s reward economy, $GCHIP tokenomics have been carefully calibrated to benefit players and support sustainable ecosystem growth.

GalaChain Poker has an incredibly strong focus on the players themselves, offering them a 50% reward share of all generated $GCHIP.

As with many other Gala Games, token rewards for GalaChain Poker will be distributed daily as mint allowances, allowing the player to mint them onto the blockchain whenever they please.

  • 50% to Players, rewarding active gameplay.
  • 10% to a Referral Program incentivizing community growth.
  • 30% to Texas Hold’em Table Nodes operators, ensuring smooth operations and platform integrity.
  • 7.5% to Gala, supporting continual development and innovation.
  • 2.5% to Founder’s Node operators, honoring their crucial role in our network.

How $GCHIP is Generated

The total amount of $GCHIP generated and distributed as rewards is determined by the amount of in-game chips taken by “the house.”

In “Cash Style” Games

“Cash Style” tables are offered at many different minimum buy-in levels and the amount of $GCHIP allocated to daily rewards is determined by the amount of in-game chips bet at the tables. 

For every 1M in-game chips bet on the tables, 1 $GCHIP is generated for reward distribution.

In SNG Games

SNGs are tournaments for which each player pays an entry fee from their in-game chips. At launch, GalaChain Poker will offer 5-player SNG tables that award prizes to 1st and 2nd place. 

For every 1M chips spent on SNG entry fees, 2.5 $GCHIP is generated for reward distribution.

How Players are Rewarded

To determine the share of each day’s $GCHIP rewards going to individual players, each player’s participation is converted to a point structure, described in-game as a player’s Score.

Participating players’ Scores translate to their share of the daily $GCHIP distribution. This means that players who bet more often and in higher amounts will have higher scores, which generally lead to greater shares of the day’s rewards.

Score Multipliers

By reaching minimum buy-in amounts for higher stakes tables, players automatically enhance their potential daily $GCHIP reward share. But even on top of that, a system of Score multipliers will be used to further increase rewards for players who compete in higher stakes competition.

By adding additional incentives for players to play at the stakes levels that closely match their chip capacity, we can ensure a more competitively balanced game, discouraging chip stack bullying and encouraging more fair gameplay.

Rewarding Fair Play

In summary of the Score multiplier system:

For every 1 $GCHIP that is “fairly” generated, the player’s Score increases by 1.

GalaChain Poker will serve a wide range of players, from free participants to large stack contenders who consistently use $GCHIP to purchase additional in-game chips. With such a wide range of stakes levels and chip count sizes, a system was needed to prevent bullying.

For example, if a player has a stack 10,000 times bigger than yours, they probably shouldn’t be playing at your table because they will be tempted to bully you with their easily replenished chip stack. Chip stack bullying in this manner has the potential to make the game less enjoyable for everyone involved– Therefore, we want to incentivize players to sit at tables that are well suited to their total chip counts.

The table below includes the initial plans for these multipliers in “Cash Style” games:

For SNG tourneys, players are instantly awarded Score points when joining tourneys at various levels. The Score received for joining a SNG is directly proportional to the amount of chips spent as a SNG entry fee.

Spending $GCHIP

In addition to the set of AI upgrades that will be available with a post-launch update, players can always use $GCHIP to purchase additional in-game chips. The most basic purchase level in the GalaChain Poker app will get you 10,000 in-game chips for 1 $GCHIP, but as you spend more $GCHIP in a single purchase, the in-game chip value received will grow.

For exact $GCHIP to in-game chip conversion rates, check the listings in the Gala Games store.

Texas Hold’em Table Nodes

The GalaChain Poker DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) will be powered by the Texas Hold’em Table Node network, whose active operators will always receive 30% of the $GCHIP generated as rewards for operating their nodes.

In addition to the hosting of normal gameplay, Texas Hold’em Table Nodes will ultimately power the game’s forthcoming AI features, ensuring increasing utility for this network as a groundbreaking decentralized AI mechanism.

Transferable Node Workload NFTs will be issued to all Texas Hold’em Table Node operators to ensure that our community of operators is free to trade their nodes.

Upcoming Node Sale

The initial sale of Texas Hold’em Table Node licenses will begin early next week. Subscribe with your email address at to ensure you get a notification when it’s time for the sale to begin.

As a special pre launch offer, Texas Hold’em Table Node licenses will first be available in an extremely limited supply of just 200 of them for $400 per node license. New batches of Texas Hold’em Table Nodes will be released at higher price tiers at the team’s discretion, driven by player activity.

The pre-launch Texas Hold’em Table Node license sale is the lowest price for which these licenses will be available in a primary sale.

As with all Gala nodes, running a workload for the DePIN will be required and $GCHIP rewards will be allocated based on workload activity.

GalaChain Poker is set to redefine blockchain gaming, offering rewards for playing, whether or not you’re winning!