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Introducing Champions Arena

June 7, 2022
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Gala Games drops announcement of new turn-based RPG!

We love bringing amazing new games to the Gala Games community, and 
-into the galaverse europe 2022 is the perfect opportunity to announce some of our most exciting new projects. From developer OneUniverse comes the new turn-based RPG– CHAMPIONS ARENA!

Note: This is subject to a Founder’s Node vote– coming soon.

Champions Arena

In Champions Arena, Players can collect over 100 different, fascinating and unique NFT Champions and various NFT items. Summon your Champions to dispatch them on missions, or control them directly in real-time tactical, turn-based battles.

As your Champions fight your enemies, you’ll utilize powerful equipment, spell and skill cards to aid them. Deck building will be a key strategy for players looking to find the best synergies, as lesser cards can be combined into more powerful abilities. Using your energy card resources efficiently and casting summoner spells with proper timing will both be vital in the arena!

The Champions

From Science Fiction to Fantasy, there is a huge variety of Champions to choose from and collect. The heroes themselves are drawn from both Eastern and Western mythos, and all Champions have their own cultural influences and unique styles.

Each Champion can be customized with gear and ranked up into more powerful versions. As you progress through the game you’ll find powerful auras and items, and your Champions will grow stronger and even more uniquely yours.

Fight for Glory

In Champions Arena, not all the action will just be player on player arena action. Explore the unknown reaches of the world, find vital resources, or team up with others for epic Co-Op Conquest Battles.

Players can all out brawl in individual or Guild PvP, engage in story Campaigns, or even the deadly Tower of Trial for even more treasures, experience, and fun.

The Arena Opens Soon

This is just a first glance at this upcoming title, and we hope everyone in the community is as excited by this news as we are!

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest news on Champion’s Arena.

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