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Galaverse Day 1 Recap

June 7, 2022
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It was a beautiful day in Malta, and imagination became a reality yet again as the second ever Galaverse event kicked off.

The Galaverse imagines and creates a new kind of IRL event that you could swear is part of a dream. As a fully remote company, we are absolutely delighted when we can come together in person, whether to work or socialize. We are even more delighted when we can include our community with once-in-a-lifetime events like -into the galaverse.

Let’s get into all the stuff that’s been happening today in Malta while most of you were sleeping.


GRIT will be one of the first Web3 games on the Epic Games Store.
GRIT’s first sale is also here!

Get in on the Character Box sale now! LINK

Gala Games is proud to announce a collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms on a Battlestar Galactica Web3 game!

Revolving Games is creating this 4X Strategy game coming to the Gala Games ecosystem. LINK

The new supergroup Mount Westmore with Snoop, Ice Cube, E40 & Too $hort is dropping their debut album, BAD MFs on Gala Music store TOMORROW June 7 @ 8AM PT! LINK

The Gala Games eb3 Entertainment brand has expanded officially to include Gala Film, where we will set the TV/Film industries free by decentralizing both viewership and filmmaking.

To learn more about Gala Film as information becomes available, including an extremely limited upcoming sale, subscribe for Gala Film news HERE.


Become your favorite TWD characters with Hero Cards in The Walking Dead: Empires. Unwrap a pack of Hero Cards to receive three Series 1 Hero Card NFTs, with at least one Hero card within matching the rarity of the pack!
Find your Hero today! LINK

Legends Reborn, the upcoming CCG by Kung Fu Factory, made its way to Galaverse in Europe launching their Creature Gacha sale.

Get your packs now! LINK

Fortitude’s devs came to Malta and did an in-person AMAs on Day 1. They also launched their Clan sale. Learn more about those HERE. Secure your Clan today! LINK

Having recently passed a node vote, Eternal Paradox releases a brand new Land Sale.


After debuting at December’s Galaverse, Echoes of Empire strikes again and a offers a playtest demo. Were you lucky enough to find it?

Some of you may have also noticed that there are now 14 games listed on the Gala Games platform… We’re just warming up.

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