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Infiltrating the Galaverse

June 8, 2022
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Guy Incognito is on the case. Risking life and limb, he’s infiltrating the Galaverse to give you the latest clandestine intel!

My contact called me late Sunday. She was cool headed– a quick thinker and ice cold under pressure. But not this time. Something was different. She didn’t say much, but there was fear in her voice that let me know I needed to get there right away.

I grabbed my hat and hopped a bird across the Atlantic, headed towards the Mediterranean. She said she’d meet me in Malta and to make sure no goons were tailing me. I’ve heard that one before. I’m not the best damn investigator in the business for nothing, and nobody gets the drop on Guy Incognito.

Under the Maltese Sun

I landed in Malta on Monday morning and slipped through the back avenues and alleys to the spot she said she’d meet me. Didn’t take long for me to see that something about this island was more off than a cockroach in an overcoat. I watched from the shadows as masses of people strolled the tiny island wearing long, dark, hooded cloaks with a strange cube logo on them. I couldn’t tell what they were up to, but they were all converging on one massive event center… and I knew they couldn’t be up to any good.

When I met my contact, she explained that all these hooded figures had descended on the island over the weekend. They were here for some important meeting, but she had been unable to gain access or get any intel out of the strangers.

They had been friendly enough, but under questioning about their interest in the island they seemed to slip into their own language she couldn’t make heads or tails of. Said they seemed to be some kind of fanatics who worship a giant chicken– unsettling stuff. God knows what they’re up to in there, but she said they’d all been invited to come “into the Galaverse.”

This sent my head reeling. Malta is a tiny island. How are all these people going into whatever this “Galverse” is? She was right to call me. I like seafood as much as the next man, but something that wasn’t coming from the harbor struck me about all this.

Into the Galaverse

My client had an extreme interest in finding out what was happening inside that building to share with their community, and that’s all I needed to know. No cloak-wearing cube cultists are going to scare me away from getting the job done. Guy Incognito always gets his mark.

I told my contact to get off the island as fast as she could. I didn’t know how all this was going to go down, but the risk was mine and mine alone. She handed me one of the cloaks she was able to grab off a stoolie who may have taken a drink too much of the golden lagers popular in this stretch of the Mediterranean. We said our goodbyes and lingered for a minute– our eyes telling each other more than our words could bear to say.

As she walked away, I put on my cloak and overcoat and fixed my hat before walking out into the hot Maltese summer sun. I slipped into a passing crowd of cloaked figures unnoticed as they processed towards the building. They seemed to be in a kind of daze of excitement and wonder. I pulled my hat low and put my hood up. It was time to get down to business figuring out what this “Galaverse” was.

My clients hire me because they know I get results. It’s time to follow the clues, dig up the dirt and crack this case. Nothing is too secret or too exclusive for Guy Incognito to infiltrate!

Next Steps

As I make my surroundings and piece together the clues, I’ll organize bits and pieces to feed back to you, so stay frosty, gumshoes!

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