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Eternal Paradox: Land Exchange Live

June 8, 2022
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Starting today, you can now reveal the locations of your new Eternal Paradox Land Plot!

Plot locations claims in Elysium have begun, and players can now exchange their Land Claim Deeds for Land Plots.

The location of the land you reveal depends on the rarity of your Land Deed NFT, with higher rarities revealing much wider plots that are closer to the void area on each section of the map– a location exuding powerful energy that can boost the efficiency of Castles on your land.

Learn more about Land in Eternal Paradox

Trade-In Time

Here are step by step instructions on where to go and what to do to get that sweet Land and secure your homestead in Elysium.

Step 1: Go to the Gala Games Store

Step 2: Purchase an Eternal Paradox Land Deed NFT

Step 3: Go to Eternal Paradox in your Gala Games Inventory and check the new option: Exchangeable NFTs.

Step 4: Click on the Eternal Paradox Land Deed

Step 5: Click on the exchange option. You will be asked to confirm the exchange and pay the gas fee.

Step 6: Once complete, the exchange can take 30+ minutes to complete. You will receive a notification from Gala Games after the transaction is complete.

Step 7: Check your Gala Games inventory for the new EPX group with your NFT in it.

After that you can click on the NFT and follow the link to your land. Home sweet home, right in Elysium.

Can I Still Get Land?

The sale that started during Galaverse will be ongoing and follow this structure. Each phase of the sale, the whitelist opens to more of the community. Tomorrow, Jun 9th begins the public portion of the sale at 1:45pm Malta time (4:45am PT).

  • Whitelist: GV attendees: Jun 6th
  • Whitelist: Founder’s Node license holders: June 7th
  • Whitelist: Gala Gold: June 8th
  • Public sale: June 9th

Learn more about the Land Deed Sale

Just head over to the Gala Games Store when the sale opens to you and grab that Land Deed– then go reveal your new Eternal Paradox Land Plot!

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