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Introducing AMC’s The Walking Dead VOX

March 17, 2022
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It’s time for the next exciting installment of Gala’s partnership with AMC Networks. This time, we’ve tapped into your favorite “Avatars that DeFi” to bring you an exclusive new series of 8,888 unique VOX based on your favorite characters (and walkers) from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Living or Dead VOX

Get your hands on a Legendary Rick Grimes VOX or feel safe and secure with a katana-wielding Michonne VOX. Don’t worry, the Negan VOX can’t hurt you, even though he comes complete with the infamous Lucille — the barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat of your nightmares.

In addition to most of the characters you know and love from The Walking Dead television series, Walker VOX will also be found in approximately half the boxes, complete with various stages of bodily decay.

What is a VOX?

A VOX (plural = VOX) is an adorably pixelated, randomly generated and provably unique 3D avatar that lives on the Ethereum blockchain as an NFT.

Each VOX is completely one-of-a-kind, with a set of random traits that are assigned when the VOX is minted according to its rarity and type. While they are all individually unique, some VOX are far more rare than others, such as the coveted Dragon VOX from the previous Mirandus VOX series.

VOX were built for metaverse interoperability and play-to-earn utility, which is why they’re called Avatars that DeFi. All VOX have multiple pathways to future rewards and earnings for owners, including playability in the upcoming VOXverse, currently being designed and built by legendary Sims creator Will Wright and Gallium Studios. The more rare the VOX, the greater its potential rewards in the long run.

Bonuses in The Walking Dead: Empires

*Exact details subject to change*

For this series we have worked with the development teams at Ember Entertainment and AMC Networks to build VOX into a powerful system of in-game boosts in the upcoming survival MMORPG.

When building and furnishing their home bases in The Walking Dead: Empires, VOX owners will have the ability to place their TWD VOX in the game for special passive boosts to various gameplay stats. Every TWD VOX will offer some kind of buff in the game, but the rarest ones come with extra unique benefits. For example, place a Daryl Dixon VOX in your base’s trophy case for a passive benefit to all allies when fighting with crossbows, or place a Hershel Greene VOX on a coffee table for an increased chance to craft high efficacy medical items at the med lab!

This is all part of a complex system that allows TWDE players to build, furnish and decorate their home bases for specific boosts to gameplay. VOX owners will get themselves a crucial advantage to early survival when the game is released. Learn more about the furnishing and decorating system in THIS ARTICLE from The Walking Dead: Empires.

Drop and Reveal

VOX Box drop — Monday, March 28th
Supply — 8,888
Reveal Date — April 7th
Currency — GALA
Price — TBA (watch for news)

Boxes will be sold through the Gala Games platform, then redeemed through using a connected Metamask wallet.

The Future of VOX

Don’t miss a special VOXverse AMA with Will Wright and some of the VOX team this Thursday at 10am PST. Set up a notification using the link below, and we’ll see you at the live stream!

This is still only the beginning for VOX, and we have some incredible plans laid out for the remainder of 2022 and beyond. After teaming up with AMC, you may be thinking The Walking Dead VOX is a tough act to follow. You’d be right, but we’ll do our best, and we can hardly wait to unroll more of the VOXverse plan for you, along with play-to-earn utility that will blow your minds.

Watch for announcements and make sure you have subscribed with your email at to join the VOX Squad. This will be a drop to remember.

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