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Exploring the VOXverse

March 22, 2022
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Check out this peek at the future VOXverse and recap of the recent interview with Will Wright.

The release of The Walking Dead VOX on March 28th rapidly approaches, and we recently got a chance to pick the brains of the VOX team and legendary game developer Will Wright about all things VOXverse. The discussion dove into details and sneak peaks of the upcoming TWD VOX series, but also explored Wright’s overall vision for the VOXverse in the future.

‘The Walking Dead’ VOX

As our third series, TWD VOX is the most ambitious yet– with 8,888 unique and detailed NFT avatars featuring both well-known characters and walkers from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The VOX design team crafted this series with all the horrific detail necessary to make each unique avatar feel straight out of the world of The Walking Dead.

Just like our previous VOX releases for Mirandus and Town Star, each VOX in this series will have utility within the Gala Games Ecosystem. Unlike previous collections, however, these VOX won’t interact with Town Star in any way. Instead, they’ll be playable for in-game stat bonuses to increase earning potential in the upcoming MMORPG, The Walking Dead: Empires developed by Ember Entertainment.

More details about this terrifyingly awesome VOX drop will be coming as it approaches, but the biggest Gala Games supporters won’t need to worry about missing out on this series. Everyone who operates at least two Founder’s Nodes will have early access to a special presale before the main drop goes live. Each eligible Node operator will be guaranteed a single VOX box if they want one.

Enter the VOXverse

While the utility in the Gala Games Ecosystem for this series differs from our past releases, all VOX are part of the greater VOXverse that will eventually expand and grow larger than any one game. Gala Games has teamed up with iconic Sims developer and designer Will Wright and his team at Gallium Studios to create a unique VOX world that goes beyond the metaverse– powered by NFT memory and featuring continually growing and evolving characters.

Wright’s timeless design style has crafted beloved systems in which players often define their own goals, yet still reliably find satisfaction in overcoming challenges and developing their own stories. The VOXverse will bring this experience to the blockchain, with NFT avatars that carry memories and characteristics from all their gaming experiences into one cohesive digital experience.

‘Vox Idle’

As the VOXverse is expertly developed and crafted, eager owners won’t have to wait to take their VOX adventuring. With the working title VOX Idle, we’re developing a text-based first experience for your citizens of the VOXverse– with a tentative release of July 1st, 2022. This simple title, structured around the VOX Discord community, will grow more complex over time and directly lead into other experiences within the VOXverse. Though VOX have utility within the Gala Games Ecosystem, this will be the first opportunity to bring all NFTs associated with VOX into one greater world together.

While details are still subject to change at this stage of development, in VOX Idle you’ll be able to engage your NFT avatar to collect resources, attend events, and begin to refine your VOX’s experiences and personality. If you own more than one VOX, you can manage them like multiple employees– potentially even developing them over time to complement each other and work better together. This game will be an experience exclusively for VOX owners, and is an early chance for the foundational VOXverse supporters to develop and grow their unique VOX.

VOX Squad

As VOX grows beyond any one title within the Gala Games Ecosystem, so too must the community! The ever expanding VOXverse and the dawn of standalone VOX gaming experiences with VOX Idle will mean that the VOX community will require their own Discord server and community structure to continue to evolve as their world grows.

Pioneering early into the VOX community has its perks. Everyone who signs up for the VOX community will receive a membership NFT to signify their status as VOX Squad, a special fan club with its own secret Discord area (soon to be revealed). To receive this NFT and your VOX Squad membership status, head over to the VOX website and enter your email for community updates. VOX Squad members will even have a chance to win a VOX! This is separate from your Gala Games account, though you will still need a Gala Games account to receive NFTs or purchase VOX.

We can hardly wait to see the world of the VOXverse take shape, and are absolutely thrilled to see how Will Wright and the VOX team will grow and cultivate this exciting new place for your VOX to live, thrive, and earn.

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