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Introducing a New Battle Pass Champion

September 29, 2023
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The October Battle Pass has been added, and with it Champions Arena welcomes the Epic Champion Nerdan!

The October Battle Pass has been added, and with it Champions Arena welcomes the Epic Champion Nerdan!

Battle Pass owners will gradually unlock perks throughout the month as they complete quests. Eventually, this includes Nerdan himself along with a big pile of Soul Stones to get him beefed up right away!

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What Is the Battle Pass?

Let’s do some quick review for anybody out of the loop on what a Battle Pass does within Champions Arena.

The Battle Pass progresses as you complete daily and weekly quests. The top row is available to everyone, but the bottom row will only be received by players who have purchased the Battle Pass.

If you purchase a Battle Pass after completing a few steps, that’s ok! You’ll receive all achieved rewards when you unlock the Battle Pass… even if you’ve already left them in the dust!

Nerdan the Hunter

Nerdan has been fighting in countless battles to protect the World Tree for ages. His arrows always landed on the enemies of the forest. Nerdan’s discerning judgment and leadership in battle are an inspiration for the guardians of Eretria. While Nerdan knew about the anomalies happening all over the world, he wasn’t interested in doing anything other than protecting the World Tree. However, when he heard about an ascetic wandering in the badlands, Nerdan took up his bow and announced that he was going on an adventure. Little fairies must have known what was up because they asked him to let go of the past and stay in the forest. Nevertheless, Nerdan stayed impassive as he readied his bow. His arrows will always find their marks.

This month’s Battle Pass exclusive Champion is Nerdan, The Arrow of Dawn. This Epic hunter is a high damage striker who only shoots more deadly arrows as the battle goes on.

For anyone who missed last month’s Battle Pass featuring Selena, this could be a great chance to get your hands on a high damage striker. For anyone already happily battling with a Selena, this Harmony champion can add some welcome variety to your squad.

As a Prosperity Champion, Selena fills an entirely different role on a team than the Harmony Nerdan.

Nerdan’s attacks are built around doing high damage to opponents, but also to grow in power as the battle progresses.

The longer Nerdan fights, the higher Experienced Archer goes, increasing his damage for each stack. Once he has five stacks, not only will he receive a flat 40% damage boost, but he’ll ignore 35% of an enemy’s Defense when attacking with a card matched Arrow Shower.

With these high damage skills, Nerdan is an expert at striking some powerful first hits on enemies. His real power, however, rests in dealing massive damage at the late stages of a battle. Keep him alive long enough to get warmed up and watch him take down even the most fortified opponents.

Grab a Battle Pass Today!

Until people decide to mint Nerdan and put him on the market, the Battle Pass is the only way to get your hands on this Champion. There’s just under a month before Nerdan leaves the Battle Pass forever, so don’t delay too long!

Unfortunately, the Battle Pass is only available on mobile devices at this time. We are hoping to make it available on the Gala Store soon for the convenience of any desktop players, but in the meantime players can purchase the Battle Pass on any mobile device or app player… even if they normally play on PC!

A Battle Pass is the best way to keep getting rewards throughout the month. In addition to Nerdan, those who complete the Battle Pass will have accumulated the following rewards, beyond what is available in the free pass:

  • 150 Nerdan Soul Stones
  • 150 Soulstone Selectors
  • 2 Premium Summoning Tickets
  • 2500 Lapiz
  • 2 Magic Equipment Chests
  • 15 Upgrade Stone (Level 4)
  • 30 Upgrade Stone (Level 3)

There’s only a little over three weeks left to complete this Battle Pass! What are you waiting for?

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