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Gala Games Partners with “Common Ground”: A Journey to Regenerate and Innovate

October 2, 2023
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Common Ground’s screening tour has kicked off, and we’re rebranding Town Star to celebrate and spread the word!


  • Gala Games is joining Gala Film in partnering with “Common Ground,” the award-winning film.
  • Town Star has rebranded to Common Ground World.
  • Get a $10 2-building upgradeable Helper’s Pack here to support the cause!
  • Buy Common Ground Ticket Bundles now — Gala Film

We’re psyched about what we can do to heal our planet, and this partnership is a great place to begin. “Common Ground” is the highly awaited sequel to the impactful documentary “Kiss the Ground.” This inspiring film just began its US tour of theatrical screenings.

Once the tour has concluded, the full film will be available only on Gala Film.

“Common Ground” beautifully illuminates the intricate links between a broken food system, climate change, and community well-being. But what’s even more compelling is its spotlight on the redeeming promise of regenerative agriculture.

You’ll find a variety of cool Common Ground Ticket Bundles on sale now at Gala Film! The main reason to buy Ticket Bundles is paying it forward. They come with extra goodies, but depending on the rarity, your 100%-for-charity purchase can empower up to 250 people to see a pre-release screening of this film.

About the Film

“Common Ground” boasts participation from luminaries such as Rosario Dawson, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Jason Momoa, and others, all advocating for the urgent and transformative message the documentary delivers. A remarkable assembly of diverse farmers from varied backgrounds showcases innovative regenerative agricultural practices, unveiling potential solutions to tackle climate change, enhance community health, and reinforce our economy.

In a triumphant follow-up to “Kiss the Ground” — a film that touched billions and led to monumental USDA investments in soil health related projects — “Common Ground” seeks to heal 100 million acres of US land through regenerative principles, representing a milestone in sustainable farming and community building.

Gala Games and Common Ground: Merging Gaming with Regenerative Visions

This is where it gets fun, and it’s all about our beloved Town Star, the Gala Games flagship.

Town Star Gets a Calling

Town Star is sprouting out and growing up, and we think you’re gonna love it. To start things off, we’re changing the game in order to link up with the important mission of “Common Ground”.

A new Common Ground gameplay mode is now playable within the game, implementing some of the film’s revolutionary regenerative ag ideas. There are also some new buildings, pictured below. You can grab BOTH of them right now for only 10 bucks at this link.

Common Ground World

Finally, as a symbolic statement of our dedication to this important cause, we are henceforth re-naming our flagship game to Common Ground World. Doesn’t that feel good?

Leveling Up the Empowerment

A large part of our founder’s mission has always been to bring more play into the lives of everyday people. This film and partnership gives us an opportunity to empower players in more ways than rewards, item ownership and the other benefits that come with web3 and GalaChain. We can empower them with things like knowledge, passion, ecological awareness… the list goes on.

Anyway, we think Common Ground World is the perfect way for us to bring this message home, empowering all members of the Gala Games entertainment ecosystem to make a difference for this world.

The Helper’s Pack

Along with the Common Ground World launch, we’re releasing 2 special new buildings for the game: The Composting Facility and the Common Ground Academy.

You’ll get BOTH for only $10, and we’ll even donate a portion from each purchase to Common Ground. Grab a Helper’s Pack now!

Achievement Unlocked: Town Star’s First Upgradeable Items

This huge milestone was made possible by the power of GalaChain. These buildings are the first of a new generation of items for Common Ground World, items that can be upgraded on the blockchain to further enhance their various abilities and benefits.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that while the buildings below are upgradeable, the ability is not immediately available but coming soon.

These 2 buildings are only available in a single rarity (Rare), and enhancements to their effects will be available via the new upgrade system, coming soon.

Composting Facility

One of the first steps in regenerative agriculture is composting, which allows us to reclaim various wastes into healthy and thriving soil!

This Composting Facility will help your land thrive, increasing the speed of surrounding crops! The effect radius will grow as the building is upgraded, once the upgrade feature has been added to the game.

Common Ground Academy

This is where everything changes for your townsfolk. This is where they learn how to implement some of the awesome techniques passed down from “Common Ground,” using significant term-based buffs that affect your whole town. If you enjoy Common Ground World, you’ll want a Common Ground Academy in your town. In-game functions for this building are coming soon.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the Common Ground Academy is not yet functional in the Common Ground World game, nor are its specific ability choices yet available.

A portion of proceeds from the sales of both above buildings will go to the Common Ground cause, and “Play the Game” will be one of the unique ways that viewers of the film are encouraged to take action following their view, which will no doubt stir their passions about the Earth.

Common Ground World

Eager for Change

We intend to take this re-alignment seriously, and that means some exciting changes are coming to Common Ground World, so get ready!

With things like a weekly Discord AMA every Friday at 8am PT and diligent attention to the community, the team will certainly keep you informed of any upcoming important changes. We think you’ll agree that this direction will enrich the experience for existing and new players alike while doing good for the planet.

Join Us on This Green Gaming Adventure

Let’s bring the essence of “Common Ground” into our gaming universe by welcoming Common Ground World to the Gala Games platform!

If you haven’t played Town Star in a while, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on everything you’ve been missing. The team has been doing some extraordinary work and they’re just getting started.

  • Share & Spread the Word: Use your platforms to share about the film and our special game updates. Make sure to tag Common Ground, Gala Games and Gala Film.
  • Attend a Screening: Encourage friends, family, and fellow gamers to attend one of the special screenings. Grab your tickets for an IRL screening here.
  • Pay it Forward: Buy a Ticket Bundle on Gala Film for a bunch of digital goodies and access to the full film once released online. You’ll also be donating access for up to 250 people to see an IRL screening and experience the world view changing power.
  • Support via the Toolkit: For those wanting to support even further, the Common Ground Partner Toolkit offers numerous ways to help.
  • Watch “Common Ground” when you can: We’ll let you know once the full version of the award-winning film is available on Gala Film.

Buy Ticket Bundles

At Gala Games, we love empowering others to make a difference, not only in their own lives, but for the entire planet we all share.

Gala Film is pitching in for the US screening tour of “Common Ground” by selling pay-it-forward style Ticket Bundles of various rarities in the Gala Film store, like the one pictured below.

When you buy a “Common Ground” Ticket Bundle, you’re making it possible for literal numbers of interested viewers to see the film. These are people that will almost certainly be driven to take action by “Common Ground”’s powerful message and the idea that any of us can make a difference.

When you buy a Ticket Bundle, you’ll also receive access to watch the film on Gala Film once the full version is released, among other exciting perks like collectible NFTs, digital Popcorn buckets and a PFP Frame to wear proudly on socials!

Ticket Bundles are available now in the following rarities and quantities:

1X Ticket Bundle — Common
7X Ticket Bundle — Uncommon

15X Ticket Bundle — Rare
50X Ticket Bundle — Epic
100X Ticket Bundle — Legendary
Sponsor Ticket Bundle — Ancient

Shop Ticket Bundles on Gala Film

Farm On!

Let’s embark on this groundbreaking journey together, intertwining the worlds of gaming, film and regenerative agriculture. Remember, whether it’s in the game or on our planet, we’re all truly on common ground.

Stay connected, play responsibly, and let’s envision a brighter future for generations to come!

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