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Founder’s Node Vote– Eternal Paradox by Ntroi

May 27, 2022
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The new 4X/RPG Hybrid powered by Web3, created by Ntroi and Gala Games is up for Founder’s Node approval

In our ongoing effort to bring you only the best gaming experiences, we have found another project we are incredibly excited to tell you about. Our passion for finding unique titles with devoted teams making amazing games is what brings you this gem today — Eternal Paradox.

Eternal Paradox would bring refreshingly new game experiences to the Gala Games Ecosystem as players compete to develop castle, explore the world, and train their Mercenaries. There are numerous ways for players to engage with the game’s deep and intricate systems– from conquering and dominating the competition with your team of specialized Mercenaries, to developing your land to encourage others to move in.

Eternal Paradox takes place in 9-week seasons and is a Hybrid 4X Exploration/RPG where you build your castle, explore the world and compete against or cooperate with other players. Each player can control multiple Mercenaries– powerful heroes whose skills you cultivate as they do battle.

All the great hallmarks of the 4X genre are here in all their glory, as well as a stage-based progressive mode featuring turn-based RPG style onslaught to test the Mercenaries that you’ve trained and developed over time. You will need to make bold decisions and utilize clever tactics if you want an edge over the competition.

There are several types of player-owned assets in Eternal Paradox. Land, buildings, landmarks throughout the world, or characters can be player owned NFTs. Each type of NFT will allow the player to take hold of a different and unique part of the game and potentially benefit when a player utilizes it.

Project Name:

Eternal Paradox




4X Exploration/RPG

Node Drop Mechanism:

Up to 8% of all NFTs/tokens will be distributed to the operators of active Founder’s Nodes at the time of minting. Exact percentage will be determined by total number of active Founder’s Nodes.

Release Date:


At the center of the continent lies a void space, an area without form. One day long ago, a craft flying overhead was sucked in and tragically lost. Afterwards, strange stones emerged from the void, inscribed with mysterious runes. They formed themselves into an interlocking, ever-moving ring. This ring was the focus of a prophecy:

“When The Ring stops revolving, the continent will face destruction.”

Thus the ring was named The Ring of Ruin after the prophecy itself. To prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, one must enter the void on the 63rd day since the ring began spinning and reverse the runic spells to turn back time. The world could either win a second chance, or face total destruction.

To prevent the world from destruction, a noble clan who harnessed mysterious powers formed a band of Mercenaries devoted to exploring and protecting the world from the void. These Mercenaries became crucial to all society, but eventually they would divide, consumed by infighting amongst themselves. It is now up to you to build your own Mercenary guild and accomplish what must be done to save the continent and achieve true power over the fate of the world.

The Vote

Will the Gala Founder’s Node operators agree to the addition of Eternal Paradox into the Gala Games Ecosystem, in exchange for up to 8% of all NFTs/tokens created by the game?

YES– A vote for including Eternal Paradox in the Gala Games Ecosystem

NO– A vote against including Eternal Paradox in the Gala Games Ecosystem

ABSTAIN– A vote showing no preference

To Vote: Open your Gala Games Node Software and click on the VOTING tab.

Voting Duration: The Node Vote will be May 26th at 2pm PT and will continue for 24 hours.

Requirement to Pass: Simple majority.

Pending the results of this Node Vote, we look forward to sharing more details and gameplay information as Galaverse Europe 2022 approaches!

Eternal Paradox website

Gala Games Platform

Ndream Studios

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