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May Mayhem Strikes Legends Reborn

May 28, 2022
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The most rewarding month in the history of Gala Games continues with another surprise NFT drop!

Great News for the Venue owners of Tolkheim! A new NFT drop is coming your way. Whether you currently own that little Dive Tavern by the docks, the Backwater Arena just outside the city, or the Grandest of Ancient Coliseums, you will be receiving Scrolls of Minting for the good sense you had picking up those Venues. The rarer your Venue, the more Scrolls will be dropped to you.

Before we tell you about the new stuff, let’s make sure you are caught up with the old stuff.

The World of Tolkheim

Legends Reborn is a noble pursuit throughout the world of Tolkhiem, and those who host the card matches play a critical role in society. As conflicts great and small are solved at the tables, Venue owners have a pivotal role to play. Hard-working owners who strive to make their Venues the greatest in the realm can reap the rewards of fame, fortune, and influence.

Back to Basics

Legends Reborn is a P2E Card Game where players create decks of Creatures and Heroes to use in battle against other players for a chance to earn daily rewards. Each creature can be equipped with a wide variety of Action Cards to add another layer of strategy to the game.

There are arenas all across Tolkheim where the card battles take place, from which the owners of the arenas take a cut of all rewards. Speaking of rewards, back to the reason we’re here- the free NFT that the owners of all Venues received!

Behold! A Scroll of Minting!

The Scroll of Minting

As part of the base game, you spend in-game currency to get Action Card Packs. These cards are not on-chain, and exist strictly as a game item. Scrolls of Minting, however, can be read to tokenize an Action Card into an NFT so it can be sold or traded in the marketplace.

Each action card can be attached to a creature. The rarer the creature, the more Action Cards you can attach to them. Decks are always limited in how many cards they can have, but this gives you far more options for how to craft your deck’s unique strategy.

Creatures are sold in randomized Gacha-style packs, and will not come with their own Action Cards. This means strategically acquiring the perfect Action Cards is one of the most important way to beef up your deck’s strength.

Action cards will also have rarity in and of themselves, so saving your Scrolls for the best Action Cards you find may give you a bit of an edge over the competition!

With the ability to transform these in-game Action Cards into full-fledged NFTs, Legends Reborn is pushing the boundaries of the normal way web3 gaming functions, and giving players more options on how they play their game.

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Coming Soon

Did we mention that Galaverse is coming up soon? In case you somehow weren’t aware, it’s a rather big time for the entire Gala Games Ecosystem.

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news about Legends Reborn that happens during the event. Even if you aren’t coming to see us in Malta, we’ll catch up at the tables in Tolkheim!

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