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Feed Bot Needs Friends

May 18, 2022
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Collect 10 Town Star friends in May Mayhem to earn the help of an awesome new robo-companion!

The fields are lonely this time of year. The last of the snow is melting and the mud is beginning to firm up, ready to be tilled and prepared for all those glorious crops slated to be planted. The fields are holding their breath before that yearly explosion of life and abundance. The hordes of workers have not yet descended on the farms still shaking off the winter themselves.

But there is one figure out there already, always ready to work: Feed Bot. This metal figure shines from early dawn to the last glimpse of dusk and keeps working even through the night thanks to special modifications by Debbie X, the partially anonymous but fully eccentric Rancher/Inventor responsible for the Feed Bot’s creation.

Debbie X, a talented Rancher/Engineer, was concerned about her animals being fed while she was off building windmills and storage yards. What better way to make sure all those cute little critters were taken care of than by creating a trusted helper to handle those chores. This was the genesis of Feed Bot.


Working in the fields can be a lonely existence for a robot sometimes. Of course, the animals are always around, and Feed Bot loves them dearly, and with the utmost seriousness. The animals must be fed, and always will be if Feed Bot has anything to say about it. Do NOT stand between Feed Bot and his animals. You have been warned.

But it doesn’t have to be so lonely for our metal friends. Robots are capable of making lasting friendships if people can get past the metal exterior to the warm, wiry insides that pass for Feed Bot’s heart. With ranches all over the world already enjoying the benefits of his hard work, Feed Bot is hardly an unknown in the ranching world.

Ultimately, Feed Bot needs a good friend, one who is part of a large social group that Feed Bot can learn from. Luckily the folks of Town Star are a social bunch, rumors are they even befriended a dragon somewhere along the line. And that’s not nothin’, as they say.

With that in mind, Gala Games and Town Star want to help our metallic friends. For every 10 referrals during the month of May, as part of the May Mayhem event, you will attract the attention of a Feed Bot. And there’s nothing more helpful to being competitive than a dedicated, tireless robot worker to keep those production chains rolling.

Don’t let these friendly bots go without this month, get those referrals going and help the robotic farming community grow and prosper. After all, how can you be a true Town Star without friends… and robots! And Robot Friends!

You still have until the end of May Mayhem to bring 10 new friends into Town Star to be eligible for your Feed Bot reward! Hurry!

Feed Bots will be delivered at some point in the weeks that follow May Mayhem.

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