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Eternal Paradox | By NDream

July 12, 2022
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Here’s more info on Eternal Paradox, the Web3 4X RPG from NDream and Gala Games

Last month at -into the galaverse Europe 2022, we revealed the first sneak peeks of Eternal Paradox when we blew the crowd away with a brief mainstage presentation from a couple members of the NDream team. Then the Eternal Paradox land sale was kicked off, first as a Galaverse exclusive, then open to everyone in the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Land in Eternal Paradox

The size of a specific plot of NFT land is determined by its rarity, according to the breakdown below:

  • Common: 6×6 (36 squares)
  • Uncommon: 8×8 (64 squares)
  • Rare: 10×10 (100 squares)
  • Epic: 14×14 (196 squares)
  • Legendary: 18×18 (324 squares)
  • Ancient: 24×24 (576 squares)

As you can see, there will be far greater opportunities for owners of more rare plots of land based solely on the land’s area and location. Of course, Common Land will be more plentiful in the game than every other rarity.

Space on all Land is limited, and each player’s castle will take up a 2×2 square block. Therefore a maximum of 144 total players can play on an Ancient Land.

Everything centers around the Rings of Ruin

The Rings of Ruin

A mysterious catastrophic event at a large crater has entangled everyone and everything in an endless cycle of power building to destruction back to power building again.

At the center of the continent’s struggle are the Rings of Ruin, which revolve and float in interlocking balance with one another atop the crater. The prophecy states that “When the Rings stop revolving, the continent will face destruction.”

As the Rings begin to crumble, bringing the continent ever closer to ruin, brave Mercenaries from around the land must journey to the Rings in an attempt to cease their destructive power before it is too late.

A mysterious and otherworldly power

Rewritten… Once Again

Using the Rings of Ruin as a guiding force for not only the geography and story, but the time of Eternal Paradox is a brilliant move from the development team at NDream. Within the 49-day seasonal structure that repeats time and time again, the world of Eternal Paradox will take on a new life of its own every single time.

New alliances will form, new conflicts will spark, and new players will enter the fray as a beautiful new hybrid form of interactive storytelling takes place.

Playing the Game

In the 49 days of each season’s gameplay, you’ll produce and collect resources, using them to build, upgrade and craft. You’ll also use your NFT Mercenaries to team up with allies and conquer foes in epic RPG turn-based combat, leveling up, gathering resources and working your way closer to the Rings of Ruin at the continent’s center.

Even if you don’t own NFT Mercenaries yourself, Eternal Paradox will offer a system of borrowing and lending that will allow free players to use the NFTs of others for a share of their rewards.

Build up your castle and expand your army, while working toward research and upgrades to expand your power!

Customize your castle

Gameplay combines beloved combat and exploration elements of role-playing games with the resource-building and expansion-based mechanics of your favorite 4x games.

There will be lots more from the NDream developers coming on gameplay as we get closer to the launch of Eternal Paradox. For now, let’s explore the perks to owning land in the time-looped world of Eternal Paradox.

Own your combat experience

Owning Eternal Paradox Land

Becoming a landowner in Eternal Paradox comes with some nice perks.

Your Land is an NFT — The fact that your Land is a tradable NFT means it will always be easy for you to list it on the secondary market if necessary… so you can upgrade your land or change to a better location closer to your friends.

Choose a Buff — No matter the rarity of your Land, you can choose a single Buff. Buff selections are different depending on the rarity of the Land (Examples: Increased Resource Collection, Increased Hero Stats).

Earning Silver — Players need to share the Silver they earned with their landowners. Collected Silver is used to determine token rewards.

Field Resources — Landowners will be able to receive the extra field resources in proportion to the amount of resources collected by the players who are playing on their land.

Get Off My Lawn — Landowners can kick people off their land whenever they need.

As of now, you can still get an Elysium Land Deed in any of the six rarities from Common to Ancient in the Gala Games store. Once purchased, these Land Deeds can be exchanged through the Gala Games platform for specifically minted land plots, complete with the land’s coordinate location on the Eternal Paradox map.


This is Web3 gaming with Gala Games, so of course there will be tons of reward opportunities for players.

Every player’s main goal each season is to occupy the Rings of Ruin. At the end of the Season, these Occupation rewards will be distributed to those who win the final victory to occupy the seat of power at the center of the continent.

In addition to the seasonal and daily rewards for the NFT-owning players, there will be ways for non-NFT-owning players to earn both daily and seasonal rewards. Players can lease the NFT Mercenaries to do all the game activities and participate in the season final battle.

Cross Platform

We are completely thrilled with Eternal Paradox to bring you a cross platform release with a fully developed mobile version in addition to PC. According to recent data, there are more than 2 billion mobile game players in the world today.

Subscribe for news at and watch the Discord community like a hawk for upcoming playtests, sales, updates and more.

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