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Get Ready for Last Expedition

July 14, 2022
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Join us Friday for a live streamed closed playtest of Last Expedition, the in-devlopment Web3 FPS

There are many new amazing gaming projects coming to the Gala Games Ecosystem, but the most talked about has probably been Last Expedition, the upcoming survival FPS.

Gala Games has promised some Web3 games that will rival some of the highest quality games you have ever seen. It’s time for you to witness one first hand.

Last Expedition

The game is a PvPvE 3rd Person Shooter/Survival FPS. Players must face off against a hostile alien world where everything and everyone wants them dead. Blockchain ownership will create new layers of survival strategy, bringing Web3 and AAA FPS games together for the first time in a brilliant and explosive combination.

Some limited teases and trailers of gameplay have been revealed, but this Friday many of you will enjoy your first chance to witness the cutting edge gameplay of Last Expedition live.

Early Test Opportunities

Guests of the -into the galaverse origin Las Vegas event in December 2021 were able to experience a limited onsite playtest of this incredible game.

Since the initial Galaverse playtest, gameplay opportunities have been very scarce and exclusive, limited to small internal groups. Recently, some members of the Gala Games team were invited into the fray. Let’s just say that they were blown away.

Playtest Watch Party

Gala Games’ Founder Eric Schiermeyer was so impressed with Last Expedition’s gameplay that he immediately called for a special invitational playtest. Basically, the game is not ready for the masses to jump in quite yet, but we could not wait any longer to share this beauty with the world.

We figure if they can’t play, let’s let them watch. Then they’ll understand why we’re so excited.

Unfortunately, you can’t play this time unless you’re one of the invited guests, but there will be plenty of opportunities to watch gameplay from some of your favorite Web3 content creators. You’ll even get to watch Jason “Bitbender” Brink taking on Last Expedition from the official Gala Games channels.

Sign up for notifications now at the scheduled stream link below:

Hosted on Nodes

There is another exciting reason for this particular playtest, and what it represents for the future of Web3 gaming is nothing short of revolutionary.

When you watch this amazing and sleek playtest on Friday afternoon, remember that the entire experience is being hosted through decentralized Gala Founder’s Nodes from our Node Testing Group. Let that sink in for a second.

This is a huge step for the future of decentralized gaming, where supporters can earn rewards for providing hosting resources to decentralized networks, making them more scalable than ever before. This has been Gala Games’ direction all along, and this is a major milestone on the road to ultimate Web3 empowerment.

Come Hang Out — Friday July 15 @ 3–4pm PT

We invite you to fully enjoy the festivities on Friday afternoon, as we celebrate Last Expedition and a new era of Web3 gaming.

Join us in Discord, where you’re sure to find some friends, and maybe even a leak or two. Share your favorite moments on social media with a #LastExpedition tag for a chance to get reshared from the official Gala Games account. And be sure to make your rounds to check out some of our other invited guests as they give Last Expedition a try for the first time.

Special Guest Streamers… You’ll find them playing Last Expedition throughout the hour of the playtest on their own channels!

On Chain Gaming

It’s all happening Friday from 3–4pm PT. Get psyched. We’re not selling anything this time. We’re just showing off a real game-changer of a game.

Join the Discussion in Discord, where the party will be happening in the Last Expedition Discussion Channel!

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