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Echoes of Empire: June Developer Update

June 8, 2022
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Ion Games shares what they’ve been working on and their upcoming goals for Echoes of Empire.

Greetings, Spacefarers!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the year, but here we are! With Galaverse happening as we speak, we are so proud of the team. Preparing for this event has dominated our development cycles for the last couple of months. The team worked relentlessly to deliver the playable demo for Galaverse, so that we could let players experience Echoes of Empire for the first time.

We want to thank our community again for the tremendous support, and for participating in our first Fireside Chat event. We didn’t record it this time around, but we will plan to do so for future Fireside chats to ensure that everyone can listen at their leisure. We wanted to try the highlights method for the first event, but the feedback overwhelmingly said that the community wants to be able to listen to a full recording.

As we move past the event, the focus in our studio will shift back to a more typical production cycle, and mark a return to our modular development method. Our main focus will be to continue to build on the strong foundation of the demo, while wrapping in more of the content and functionality.

The economy will be seeing some upcoming love along with crafting and trade systems. This will involve refining features such as inventory, taxes, research and more. We will be releasing more of our feature write-ups around this work as we dive back into the game’s regular roadmap.

Mapping the Cosmos

We are currently working on a new player facing roadmap, to refresh the one released at the beginning of the year. Our hope is that this gives a better overview of what’s being worked on and when. This question was raised during our first Fireside chat, and we definitely agree that it’s time for an update to the existing roadmap.

As with any plan, things can and will change over time, but we will continue to be transparent with the community– refreshing the roadmap as plans come into clearer focus. To that end, we will focus on smaller periods of time going forward rather than one extended roadmap. In this way, we can better ensure that the information we have out at the time is current and relevant.

We will also be beginning work on the very much requested Echoes of Empire video to offer a tease into the game and give you a glimpse of what’s yet to come. While we now have some demo footage from Galaverse out there in the wild, we’re still happy to bring out more video content to show the game as it grows!

Upcoming Echoes

Finally, we are working toward a summertime ship sale. This will be the first opportunity to pick up our NFT Flagships! While we can’t get into the details or exact date yet, it’s not too early to begin preparing for the sale. We want to give everyone the most notice possible on this to ensure that those who want to purchase ships can position themselves to do so.

This summer is going to be a busy and eventful one here at Ion Games and we’re excited to have all of you along for the journey!

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