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Galaverse Day 2 Recap

June 8, 2022
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Check out the load of news and announcements from -into the galaverse europe 2022!

This Galaverse has been one for the history book NFTs. As another day of huge announcements comes to a close and our Malta guests head back to their hotels after an evening of epic entertainment and VIP luxury, it’s time to run through the happenings of the day.

Without further ado, let’s get into the recap!



There are some major updates coming soon to the VOX and VOXverse roadmap, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, you can keep those eyes occupied with this shiny new VOX short that will give you a taste of the future VOXverse in all its glory.

Check out the new VOXverse vision trailer!

More will be revealed in two weeks on June 22.

VOX Website

New game introduced! CHAMPIONS ARENA

This new turn-based RPG was just announced as a candidate for the Gala Games Ecosystem. Of course, its acceptance is still dependent on a Founder’s Node consensus vote, but after seeing the community’s reaction so far, we are quite confident that Champions Arena will be accepted with open arms.

Article Link

🔷Type: Turn based RPG

🔷OS: PC, Mobile

🔷Release date: TBD

🔷Dev Team: OneUniverse

New game introduced! FREESTYLE FOOTBALL 2

Freestlye is a massively popular sports game franchise well-known worldwide for their ability to really bring players into the on-field experience of their favorite sports.

We are thrilled to have announced a partnership with JoyCity, who will soon bring Freestyle Football 2 (soccer game) to the Gala Games Ecosystem as one of the first AAA Web3 sports games in the world.

🔷Game Type: 3rd person football/soccer


🔷Release date: TBD

🔷Dev Team: JoyCity

New Game Introduced! FOREVER WINTER

This announcement is so fresh that we don’t have anything else to tell you just yet. Watch closely for new announcements.

🔷Game Type: 3rd person shooter


🔷Release date: after 2023

🔷Dev Team: Fun Dog Studios

The new supergroup Mount Westmore with Snoop, Ice Cube, E40 & Too $hort have dropped their debut album, BAD MFs on Gala Music store! LINK

Eternal Paradox’s mobile TEST build is now open to everyone! Go give the game a try on mobile!

Download here

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