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Community Art Project — Town Star Winter

December 10, 2021
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It’s time to have some good old fashioned creative fun, Town Stars!

We’re kicking off a special Town Star Winter Community Art Contest. Submissions will be accepted for the next two weeks in a special (temporary) new Discord channel — #Town-Star-Winter-Art-Project.

Old Fashioned is Encouraged

While we absolutely love digital art, there’s just something magical about picking up a pencil and paper, or designing and coloring a masterpiece with crayons or markers. You may want to cross-stitch or knit something. Maybe you are a sculptor. Anything that you can photograph is just fine!

Cameras are everywhere. We hope you can use this opportunity to create some physical and memorable that you will treasure forever. It will serve as a reminder of an extremely successful year’s end as a member of the Gala Games ecosystem, and it will give you an excuse to step away from the screens for a few minutes to recapture the childlike sense of creativity that is so important to us as a community and company.

A Word from the Director

“I was really excited to hear this was happening as I think Town Star is such an endearing world — and combining that with Christmas seems like a match made in heaven. I really can’t wait to see what y’all come up with! I’ll be watching that Discord channel closely.”

Warren Marshall, Town Star Art Director

Creation is Creation’s Prize

There will not be any official prizes in this contest. We are simply interested in our amazing community showing off its creativity with some Town Star winter art. There will be plenty of other times to win and earn in this ecosystem. In fact, we’re experts at creating such opportunities. This time, just have fun and create something to be shared. Our “finalists” or “winners” will be proudly shared with our wider community via social media and blog posts.

We can hardly wait to see the wonders you create. Hopefully, some members of the Gala Games team (now over 150 strong) will join in the fun as well!

What are you waiting for? Go create some art. Once it’s polished and ready to share with the world, pop it into the #Town-Star-Winter-Art Discord channel so everyone can see what you did!

We have an incredibly supportive community: The best in the entire crypto world. Let’s let our community members experience that loving support first hand for a change as they drink up compliments from their peers for the amazing art they’ve created. No judgement. Just congratulations. Thanks for being here.

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