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VOX Boxes Have Dropped

December 10, 2021
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The Mirandus VOX Box drop brought in a huge wave of users trying to purchase a limited supply of 8888 total VOX Boxes. While there were some challenges with the order queue and distributions, once the dust settled, we were able to look back and see a few amazing statistics. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of the numbers.

Lots of Proud VOX Box Owners

The average number of VOX Boxes sold per order was just over 2. More than 3,100 of these purchases were unique buyers. We can use these figures to make future sales even more tailored to our community.

We are also extremely happy to see that over 2,000 Gala Gold members and over 1,300 Node owners were able to purchase VOX Boxes. We would like to reaffirm our commitment to developing new ways to serve those most devoted to the Gala Games community and ecosystem.

It’s also nice to see 25% of purchases were from new customers or those who had recently purchased a Gold membership. Consumer interest in VOX Boxes is growing, and the future is looking even brighter!

Today, the official Mirandus VOX Collection on OpenSea shows 4300 unique owners for the 8888 total VOX Boxes.

VOX in a Box

As you can see from activity on OpenSea, these Mirandus VOX Boxes are incredibly popular, and we cannot wait for you to see the INCREDIBLE voxel art that has been created for this project…The sheer scope and quality of what’s to come is going to blow your minds!

Don’t forget! VOX Boxes will first be redeemable for VOX on December 16th through the VOX Website. From that day forward, Box owners will have the ability to mint their unique VOX through a connected Metamask wallet. Look for a more detailed guide next week with VOX Box exchange instructions.

The Future

Congratulations to everyone who was able to get a VOX Box in this hugely successful sale! Those of you who were disappointed this time — Don’t worry! There will be more chances to gets your hands on VOX in 2022 and beyond!

The VOX metaverse is coming, as is the highly anticipated VOXcoin, the key ingredient to the “Avatars that DeFi” aspects of VOX! The Gala Labs team is absolutely packing these adorable avatars with utility. Mirandus and Town Star are only the beginning!

Who knows? There may even be some exciting news dropped about the future of VOX at -into the galaverse this weekend. Make sure you don’t miss Monday’s big Galaverse Live stream from 11am-2pm PST!

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