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Today on Gala Games Plays: Common Ground World

May 7, 2024
Gala Plays with Common Ground World - May 7th 3-5pm PT
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Join members of the Common Ground World team today from 3-5pm PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel as they show you how to build!

With the first week’s special May Mayhem competition now in full swing, this is a great opportunity to power up your gameplay with tips and tricks straight from the source!

Canine Companions

Animal Companions are a great way to boost the productivity and speed of your town!

Sparky the Legendary Great Pyrenees is on sale for 15% off while supplies last – Without taking up any space in your town, he’ll increase the movement speed of your farm animals, Ranchers and ATVs!

Lucy the Border Collie will increase the crafting speed of your Milk Barns, Chicken Coops and Sheep Pens in Common Ground World!

Lucy the Border Collie just dropped yesterday, offering a nice boost to the crafting speed of your farm buildings, including Milk Barns, Sheep Pens and Chicken Coops!

Set a notification at the link below and we’ll see you there!