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Champions Arena Returns

April 27, 2023
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A three-week playtest of Champions Arena starts soon! Don’t miss this chance to hop into the arena!

The arena is once again open. Will you rise to the challenge or fall in pursuit of glory?

Champions Arena is back! Starting Thursday, April 27th you can return to the fray. Level your Champions, refine your tactics and dominate your opponents!

Upon your return to the arena, you’ll see everything you loved about Champions Arena during our November playtest and so much more. The developers at OneUniverse have been hard at work over the past few months, and can’t wait to hear the community’s feedback on this new demo!

The Coming Battle

This playtest will go live at 6pm PT on April 27th and continue through 6pm PT on May 17th.

As with the last playtest, players can play on either PC or mobile! Simply go to the Champions’ Arena Store once the playtest is live to download the PC game through the launcher or the APK /iOS to install the app to an Android/iOS device.

For this playtest, players will be able to login with their Gala Games accounts. This will enable us to track daily logins and eventually deliver rewards to playtesters when the game is live. (More on this below!!!)

Please note that we’ll be unable to track the progress of any players that login without connecting their Gala Games account. Those that choose to play as a guest will unfortunately not be able to unlock any extra rewards to be delivered after the game goes live.

New Features

Players loved their time in the arena last year, but now there’s even more ways to play and test your Champions’ mettle.

An all new Challenge Mode has been added! The Tower of Trials presents serious dangers for your Champions and only the best climb its treacherous levels. Victorious Champions who persist through the hardships of The Tower, however, may find useful equipment within.

To make it a bit easier to round out your team of Champions, a premium summoning option has now been added. While the previous option remains unchanged, this new premium summon only results in Champions, with no chance of delivering a stone to the player.

As your Champions test themselves in the arena, your Estate serves as their home base. With this new playtest, you can manage your own Estate or join up with a friend on theirs.

How do you get your hands on an Estate? We’ll be announcing the details of Champions Arena’s first sale early next week, which also offers players a chance to try their hand at running an Estate during this playtest. Those with Estates can have others join and explore all the benefits they can offer.

Gem Rewards

This will be a standalone playtest, and all data and items will be reset after its conclusion.

Players will receive a daily reward of premium currency so that they can experience all of Champions Arena. This reward will be delivered daily through in-game mail:

  • 10,000 Gems
  • 20 Essence

While all the loot and progress you are able to achieve during this playtest may be reset before launch, you’ll still have a shot at real rewards for you to use at launch. There’s three different ways players can get a pile of Gems reserved for their account when Champion’s Arena goes live.

Note: Gems are a premium currency within Champions Arena associated with your Gala Games account, not a tokenized item delivered to your wallet. Any of the following rewards will be delivered to your account after the official launch.

Arena Rank — Overall Arena ranking at the end of the test period

  • Rank 1–3: $300 of Gems
  • Rank 4–6: $250 of Gems
  • Rank 7–10: $200 of Gems
  • Rank 11–20: $150 of Gems
  • Rank 21–30: $100 of Gems
  • Rank 31–50: $50 of Gems

Daily login Rewards — Players receive all reward tiers they are eligible for

  • 3 or more Days: $10 of Gems
  • 5 or more Days: $20 of Gems
  • 7 or more Days: $30 of Gems
  • 10 or more Days: $60 of Gems
  • 14 or more Days: $80 of Gems

Campaign Completion — Players receive all reward tiers they are eligible for

  • Clear Chapter 1: $5 of Gems
  • Clear Chapter 2: $10 of Gems
  • Clear Chapter 3: $15 of Gems
  • Clear Chapter 4: $25 of Gems
  • Clear Chapter 5: $45 of Gems

Fixes and Improvements

We’ve heard the feedback from the last playtest, and made tons of small improvements based on that and our internal testing. Champions have been widely rebalanced across the board in both power and Rank, giving you new tactics and combos to explore.

The Mayhem raid has been rebalanced so that solo play is possible. This will let lower level players that may not have a team engage with Mayhem much easier.

The summoning fee has been altered to charge a flat cost now. Gems can now be used to increase the size of your Inventory Bag, add Mayhem Slots or reduce the time you spend on Expeditions.

Players will notice tons of other small improvements over their previous experience in November, but we won’t spoil all the surprise!

The Arena Awaits

There’s tons of new content to explore and glory to be won in this new playtest of Champions Arena. Don’t miss out on this chance to hop into the game.

Mark your calendars, because this playtest only lasts three weeks. What victories can you achieve in that time? Are your Champions destined for greatness?