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MAYhem in Spider Tanks

May 1, 2023
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Can you feel it? It’s getting closer. It’s pure and total MAYHEM!

Attention all Pilots: Mayhem has been forecast as imminent in all Maps across the Planetary Union. Please continue battling and do not attempt to resist the urge to cause increased destruction. As a reminder, Mayhem is very normal this time of year throughout the solar system and will pass after several Earth weeks.

Hey Pilots, we hear you like to win. We like to win too, so we thought that would be a good idea for May Mayhem — Winning!

All you have to do to play along with the Mayhem is win. Doesn’t matter what your ride is like or what level you’re playing at. Just get out there and do your thing. Bring home some wins and May Mayhem will treat you well.

It’s May Mayhem Time!

This year for May Mayhem, every week will be a separate challenge where you just do what’s in your nature — win. Each weekly challenge will run from Tuesday through Sunday, giving you 5 days to soak up the mayhem and rack up those wins.

There will be four Mayhem Tiers in each challenge:

  • 10+ Wins
  • 30+ Wins
  • 50+ Wins
  • 70+ Wins

For each Tier you reach, you’ll get a guaranteed Supply Reward of Components and Arachnium, as well as a chance to win a separate Tank Part giveaway for each tier!

Each tier will also grant you Bonus Tickets. These tickets will be used in a drawing at the end of each week. Each player who reached the tier will have all their bonus tickets in a drawing for Tank Parts we’re giving out that week. Ticket holders will have a chance at the highest tier they reached, but will still have a crack at tiers underneath if they don’t win their highest drawing.

Mayhem with friends!?
Every time you refer a new player to Spider Tanks during May Mayhem and they get to at least Mayhem Tier 1, you’ll get an extra bonus ticket that week… up to a maximum of 10!

Click the “Refer a Friend” button at the top of to get your referral code!

There will also be a second chance drawing each week! 20 Bonus Tickets will be drawn each week for higher rarity Tank Parts.

  • 1 Legendary
  • 3 Epics
  • 6 Rares
  • 10 Uncommons

Even if you didn’t happen to win any of the Mayhem Tier giveaways that week, this drawing can still help you cruise into the mayhem in a shiny new Tank.

Do you think that’s all? Ha! You don’t know May Mayhem very well in that case! There will also be super secret bonus challenges and surprise extra events crammed into the schedule all month. You never know what these are going to be, so make sure to follow us on Twitter @spider_tanks or stay in touch on Discord to hear about every bit of Mayhem!

Week 1: The Mayhem Begins

For your first assignment of pure Mayhem, you’ll be stepping way outside your comfort zone… just kidding! You’ll just be winning — you know, like you do.

This week will be your first crack at unlocking Mayhem Tiers and scooping up some Supply Rewards. Get as many weekly wins as you can to earn more Components, Arachnium and Bonus Tickets

The Tank Parts up for grabs this week should all look very familiar. The Shaman returns.

That’s a lot of loot at each tier. You start racking up wins yet?

Just for a basic overview this first week, here’s how it will all work:

  1. Every Player will receive the Supply Reward for every Mayhem Tier they reach. (Tier 1= 5 & 500, Tier 2= 10+5 & 1000+500, etc)
  2. 250 Bonus Tickets from players that reached the Master Mayhem Tier will be drawn, and each will be shipped a Common Railgun, Crab, Craggy and Captain’s Hat!
  3. 500 Bonus Tickets from players that reached Mayhem Tier 3 will be drawn (excluding the winners of the Master Mayhem Tier), and each will be shipped a Common Crab, Craggy and Captain’s Hat!
  4. 750 Bonus Tickets from players that reached Mayhem Tier 2 will be drawn (excluding the winners of above Tiers), and each will be shipped a Craggy and Captain’s Hat!
  5. 1000 Bonus Tickets from players that reached Mayhem Tier 1 will be drawn (excluding the winners of above Tiers), and each will be shipped a Captain’s Hat!
  6. All Bonus Tickets will re-enter the second chance drawing, from which 20 will be randomly selected.
  7. All weekly win counts start on Tuesday morning and end on Sunday morning, then we do the whole thing over again the next week!

Week 2: Mayhem Rising

It’s time for your second Mayhem assignment, should you choose to accept it. Go win! That’s it, just win… over and over and over.

This week, you’ll be battling for a shot at the pieces of The Cleric build! There are still prizes and tickets for each tier, just like last week.

Are ya winning yet?

Are you still here? Go forth and win!

Week 3: Mayhem Manifest

AHHHHHHH!!!! More Mayhem!!!

Go forth an win! Fabulous rewards await for those with the will to win!

Bring it ON!!!!!

This week, The Warrior is returning to the arena. Win matches to get your hands on the Bouncer Gun Weapon, the Maul Body, Thrillseeker Skin and Viking Helmet!

Week 4: Pure Mayhem

It all comes down to this. Last week. Do you have what it takes to win?

This week you can get your hands on the all new Knight build — the Carver Weapon, Mantis Body, Archmage Skin and Roman Plume Prop. This has not yet been sold, so get out there and win!

Mayhem comes but once a year… leave it all in the arena this month!

Are you mayhem enough to get out there and win… then win some more? That’s what we thought.

Happy MAYhem everyone!

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