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Celestial Claim Land Sale — Round 3 — Aurora’s Edge

December 12, 2021
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Aurora’s Edge is the seat of some of the most powerful nobles and wealthiest families in the whole galaxy, and this time around in the Celestial Claim Land Presale, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Claims there.

The teams at Ion Games and Gala Games are incredibly excited to bring you this latest and most extravagant round of Celestial Claims yet.

Aurora’s Edge Claims are NOW AVAILABLE while supplies last!

Galaverse Head Start

As an exclusive -into the galaverse perk for live attendees in Las Vegas, the first two tiers were already opened at a substantial discount earlier this afternoon. If you were watching the blogs and paying close attention to the Echoes of Empire store, you may have noticed this quiet early sale even without being fortunate enough to catch the announcement in person.

Now the first two supply tiers have sold out and starting at tier 3 with the base (non-discounted) price, the remaining Claims will be sold according to the previously established rule of increasing price tiers.

New Rarities

With Aurora’s Edge, we’re also proud to announce the first Ancient Celestial Claims. Each Star Cluster will contain only 4 Ancient Claims, making them much, much rarer even than Legendary Claims.

Limited Time

Remember, these Claims are only available for a limited time. Once they’re removed from the shop as Valentina continues to her next location, they will never be seen at these prices again. Every time Valentina revisits a Star Cluster and that Cluster is reopened, the Claim prices will be higher than before.

Good luck, and may you find all the adventure you seek!

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