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Ancient Celestial Claims

December 21, 2021
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Deep in the third round of the Echoes of Empire Celestial Claim Land Presale, the team at Ion Games has finally made the first Ancient Celestial Claims available for sale in the Gala Games store.

What does Ancient mean in terms of Gala Games rarity? Ancient is rarer and more powerful even than Legendary. Ancient items come at a higher price, but their in-game benefits are much greater than all other rarities.

In Echoes of Empire, ownership of an Ancient Celestial Claim means that you are the owner of a specific Ancient Celestial Body. Each of these named Celestial Bodies has a carefully crafted backstory that fits uniquely into the Echoes of Empire universe, and each will play a significant part in the gameplay of countless EOE players once the game is released.

The Celestial Claim Sale

The Celestial Claim Land Presale first began on November 10, with more details announced in THIS POST. As Valentina Barbaro has found herself entangled in the dawn of a civil war between the three Factions, her travels brought her to three different Star Clusters: Ember’s Grace, The Pale, and Aurora’s Edge. As she visited each Star Cluster, that Cluster’s Celestial Claims were made available for sale. When she leaves a Cluster, its claims are removed from the Gala Games store, only to return later (with a higher price).

All Celestial Claims are sold in increasing price tiers. As long as claims are available, the earlier they are purchased, the lower the price. If you are considering becoming the owner of a planet, star, moon or other Celestial Body in Echoes of Empire, make your move and do not hesitate.

Ancient Attributes

Celestial Claims will be redeemed for the Celestial Bodies they represent in a land rush that will take place at a TBA time in 2022. The degree of play-to-earn potential in each claim will depend mainly on the rarity (from Uncommon to Ancient). Types of resources, maximum numbers of mines and number of players to whom mines can be loaned all change depending on the rarity of the Celestial Claim.

DUST is the play-to-earn crypto of Echoes of Empire. This reward is gained not only from individual gameplay, but as a result of the loaned out mining operations of others on your owned Celestial Bodies. The greater the rarity of these bodies, the greater the potential DUST rewards that can be earned.

For example, an Uncommon Celestial Claim can contain up to 3 mines that can generate a single type of resource. Mines here can be loaned to up to 3 different players at a time.

Epic Celestial Claims can contain up to 5 mines of larger capacity that generate 2 different resource types. Mines here can be loaned to up to 6 players.

ANCIENT CELESTIAL CLAIMS blow them all away.

Ancient Celestial Claims are exceedingly rare and are made up of alien structures and strange anomalies. Their mines have greatly increased capacity with 3 types of resources and they can be upgraded to a maximum of 9 total mines. Each mine here can be leased by up to 12 players.

Ancient Celestial claims are the economic hubs of their specific zone, having access to trade, travel, repair, guild, faction depots and upgrades. Ancient Celestial Claims also have Exotic Access Points and advanced defensive capabilities. Additionally, Each individual Ancient Celestial Claim conveys a powerful and unique benefit.

The Ancients of Aurora’s Edge

Only 1 of each of these Ancient Celestial Claims exists. Each of the 3 Star Clusters will contain 4 Ancients and these Aurora’s Edge Ancients are the first 4 of the 12 total.

Everyone who purchases an Ancient Celestial Claim will also receive a very special one-of-a-kind physical gift from the Gala Games team to commemorate their mark on the galaxy.

The Prism of Creation

Shining through the galaxy, there are hundreds of tales of the Prism of Creation, and where it came from. Some say it was created by one god or another. A monument to the beauty that lingers even in the darkest corners of the galaxy. Others claim that it is the cold heart of a star, crushed by a force beyond measure until it became a diamond, whirling through the universe.

The Gallows of Time

The faint remnants of a dying superstar, the Gallows of Time show that eternity comes even for the most ancient pillars of the universe. Adorned with the deep, crimson veils of the star’s last, shuddering breaths, the Gallows of Time has seen the rise and fall of the galaxy.

The Anvil of Gravity

At first glimpse, the four stars of The Anvil of Gravity appear to be a cross, glimmering through space. A closer look will reveal them to be what they are. Four powerful neutron stars, locked in an endless dance, bound by their own immense gravity. They whirl around each other, ever in motion, and unable to find rest.

The Shard of Divinity

A tower of light, exploding from a disk of matter, the Shard of Divinity is pure creation caught in the jaws of a supermassive black hole. This immense quasar has been used as a lodestar for as long as humanity has had space travel, but it was only recently that exploration ships made it to the Shard of Divinity’s true region.

Ancient Celestial Claims will be available in the Gala Games store until they are sold. All other rarities of Celestial Claims are only available for a limited time, so hurry to make your mark on the galaxy.

Here’s a shot from the live Echoes of Empire performance on the Hub stage at -into the galaverse on December 11th, 2021.

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