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Mirandus VOX — The Great Revealing

December 22, 2021
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Originally published: Dec 21st, 2021

8888 unique Mirandus VOX have until now been nestled snug in their Boxes, but today the time of Revealing has come.

Until each VOX Box is exchanged (sent to the VOX contract), the individual provably random VOX have not yet been minted. Beginning at 2pm PST, Mirandus VOX Box owners have the ability to make this exchange at

VOX are minted (born, generated) when a VOX Box is sent to the official VOX contract address via connected Metamask wallet at

After connecting your Metamask wallet, click EXCHANGE VOX to initiate the transaction. You will need to pay ETH network fees (gas).

Official Contract Address:


Secondary Market

Beware of imposters and impersonators, and know that the official OpenSea collection of Mirandus VOX will be found HERE.

Best of luck in your reveals, and may you shower your Mirandus VOX companions with all the respect and admiration they deserve!

Consult the following video tutorial to learn how to import your Gala Games wallet into Metamask, or check out THIS ARTICLE from Gala Games support.

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