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Celebrating One Year in the Arena

October 30, 2023
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Happy Tankiversary to all, and to all a good fight!

While the old Earth word “Oktober” means nothing on our current ECS calendars, we still mark its passage to this day.

To ancient Earthites, the last day of Oktober was a barbaric and brutal celebration of mortality in an attempt to appease the gods of their primitive death cults. For us, it was a rebirth for a human race unable to survive our own machinations and destructive tendencies. On the 31st day of Ten each rotation, we celebrate the foundation of the Council of Migration and our deliverance from the inevitable fate that our shattered world left us.

That’s not all though. On that same day centuries later, humanity experienced a new rebirth. We undertook a project of collaboration and kinship that had never been experienced before throughout The Earthen Cluster. We are speaking of course about the great Tank Olympiad.

Lovingly referred to as Spider Tanks by all the citizens of the Planetary Union, this great endeavor continues to foster cultural connection, diplomatic ties and economic prosperity among all of the children of Earth.

Tomorrow is the highest of holidays in the Planetary Union. All citizens are encouraged to take part in the celebration of our legacy as a people and our greatest institution — the arena!

We hope everybody has a great time in the arena this year. We’ve got some great prizes lined up thanks to a generous sponsorship from the United Pilot Federation! The UPF — Are You Winning Yet!?

Happy Anniversary!

Has it been a year already, Pilots? Maybe it’s the concussive force from the rockets, but time just seems to fly by!

One year ago tomorrow, on October 31st 2022, Spider Tanks officially went live on the Gala Games Platform. Since then there’s been the introduction of new features, such as:

  • Drop Pod V2
  • Expanded P&E stats
  • Freecam mode
  • Revamped report system
  • Killfeed UI upgrade
  • Tutorial
  • Daily & weekly missions
  • Custom Pilot contracts
  • Custom Pilot criteria
  • Custom VP split for Pilots and Captains
  • Supercharge
  • Ability selection pre-match
  • VP info after match
  • Idle, victory and defeat animations
  • Destroyable objects and dynamic environments
  • And much more!

We’ve also had some great events, like Tanksgiving, May Mayhem, Arachnid August. Heck, you guys even fought off an extrasolar invasion! Tons of people have streamed Spider Tanks from around the world, and the community has participated in and crafted a culture of tournaments and community competition.

Above all, you all have battled your hearts out… and for that, you have our hearts.

Since launch, 1,458,244 matches have been played on the live server. That is a lot of explosions, fires and bullet holes. Next year, let’s try for 10 million!

Tankiversary Achievements

We’re going to ask you to do something for this anniversary we’ve surely never done before… win! That’s right, it’s time to get out there and rack up those wins. We’ve got two separate sets of weekly benchmarks for you this time around. They look pretty similar — but we think you’ll like them 😉.

Each week offers a separate set of supply rewards, and a potential 250 Honor if you clear all the goals.

Totally separate from these weekly rewards, if you can manage to get to 150 wins total between 9am PT, October 30th and 9am PT, November 13th… you’ll get a free Common Halo Prop!

We’re not sure if it lets you walk on water or not.

Bigger, Badder LiveStream

We’re excited about a year of Spider Tanks, and excited to see where the next year can take us. We want to get in on the fun with the community, so we’ll be running a livestream starting at 9am PT and running all the way through 10pm PT on October 31st!

Expect to see tons of folks from around Gala Games popping into the stream, even some that you don’t see very often! It is a day of multiple celebrations, so put your Halloween costume on, get a personal supply of candy at the ready, and let’s play some matches!

A Perfect Gift

No one is going to pretend that it was a perfect year in the arena… but we do want everyone to have a perfect anniversary so we can all enjoy ourselves and burst into a next year that takes us to so many better places!

We thought really hard about what the absolute perfect gift for such an auspicious occasion would be, then it came to us. Can you guess it? Ha! Way off.

This isn’t just us resetting you to a perfect reroll so you can go do it yourself. That’s lazy gifting for a day like this. No, we’ll be actually GIVING you a perfect upgrade on every Tank part you own. That’s right. It’ll just go perfectly up one level.

This will take awhile for us to do though, as there are quite a few Tank Parts with some arena scars. We’ll start the operation today, so some may get their present early. We’ll let you know on Discord when everything is wrapped up.

Notably, this will essentially reroll any saved upgrades you have, albeit one level higher. The operation will reroll you to perfect for free and then upgrade it for free, so you’ll end up with a random upgrade option at the next level. Even if you lose a perfect you were sitting on, however, you’re still getting a perfect upgrade out of it.

NOTE: This will only affect Tank parts on GalaChain. Parts on Ethereum cannot be upgraded and thus will be missed.

Welcome Back Supercharge!

Supercharge has been reactivated in the game!

Its mechanics have been adjusted slightly to accommodate for emission mechanics changes since it was last active. In the old system, Supercharge would grant 5x your first win VP each win. This made the risk/reward MASSIVE and caused a lot of pressure on Pilots.

With the changes to the economy that were implemented earlier this year, it just made much more sense to look at Supercharge again and reevaluate where it should be to be both fun and useful for Pilots.

Now, Supercharge instead grants your first win VP if you win for five matches, regardless of how many wins that part already has accumulated that day. It can also now only be used once per Tank part per day. It cannot be used in teams, and Supercharged parts may not be deployed in Drop Pods.

The cost has been adjusted accordingly so that it lines up with the potential reward of Supercharge. It is a dynamic price, and it will change with many different factors that also play a part in how much VP boost your Supercharged part can potentially give.


Let the Battles Begin!

The event actually started this morning. What are you waiting for!? Go win!!!!

This message was brought to you by the United Pilot Federation. The UPF — Are You Winning Yet!?