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Catch the Replay: Jason Brink Talks Game Economy and Tokens

June 28, 2023
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Did you miss the Gala Games live stream yesterday? Watch the replay now!

Our very own President of Blockchain, Jason Brink, tackled an array of questions from our community yesterday, focusing specifically on game economy and tokens. This interactive session was an opportunity to gain direct insights from Jason, clarify any economic points of confusion, and deepen your understanding of our groundbreaking utility.

Watch the replay here:

At Gala Games, we believe in the power of communication and engagement. Our commitment to our Discord community is a testament to this, as we strive to create an open dialogue with our users. We won’t discuss token prices, but we are always ready to delve into the utility of our tokens and platform, helping everyone understand exactly what we do and why it’s so revolutionary.

The web3 world is in a state of rapid growth and evolution. Every day, new concepts and technologies emerge that can be overwhelming for newcomers. That’s why we encourage our community members to stay as informed as possible. Live streams like these serve as an opportunity to ask questions, gain knowledge, and keep abreast with the ongoing developments in the Gala Games universe.

Remember, we’re on this journey together, laying out the future of gaming, step by step. Stay informed, stay engaged, and let’s continue to shape the future of gaming!

As always, your participation is what makes Gala Games the empowering platform it is. Thank you for your continued support and involvement.

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