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Ahead of the Game — Highlights and Hype

June 28, 2023
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Have you heard? Jason Brink is hosting a weekly Gala Games podcast called Ahead of the Game, every Thursday at 4pm PT!

We have come a long way from the small-but-mighty Discord community of our beginnings. Now it can be seriously tough to keep up with everything that’s happening in the world of Gala Games, but have no fear, Jason Brink is here weekly to guide you through the latest news and leaks–even if his plushy leek doesn’t show up correctly on screen (it’s green 🤦‍♂️).

Watch Last Week’s Replay below!

02:45 — Intro

Telegram is open once again. To learn more, check out the post below.

04:15 — GRIT Economy

Some changes are coming to the planned reward economy for the web3 Wild West battle royale, which will likely include a new reward token. Look for more info coming soon.

05:50 — Spider Tanks

Tune in here for the latest on changes to the Spider Tanks report system and more.

10:00 — The Walking Dead: Empires Dungeon Tour with Chris Miller

This dungeon tour with Art Director Chris Miller is really a treat, especially for anyone interested in learning how the sausage is made.

38:20 — Eternal Paradox

Unfortunately the second playtest of Eternal Paradox is now concluded, following a valiant effort by all competitors. Keep your eyes on Discord and Ahead of the Game to find out what comes next for Eternal Paradox!

42:20 — Community Interview

Jason takes some time here to talk with one of our well-known community members and ask some questions of his own.

58:30 — Questions

Finally before calling it a day, Jason took 15 minutes of questions straight from the community in Discord. There may be some hidden gems in there, or perhaps a sneak peek of an exciting upcoming platform feature!

You never know what you’ll hear on Ahead of the Game. But remember, we’ll pull the recording down if it turns out that BitBender said too much, so be sure to watch live!

Set a notification for Thursday’s new episode at the link below!

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