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Calling All Adrenaline Junkies, FPS Enthusiasts, and Hardcore Gamers!

December 15, 2023
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Early Access Token holders and Node Operators can access the December Early Access build starting Monday, December 18th!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the uncharted depths of Aura with Last Expedition, the cutting-edge extraction FPS game that’s about to blast into its next phase of Early Access and beyond!

The new build will hit the ground running on Monday, December 18th 2023, when a fresh expedition to the hostile alien planet will begin for any Gala Games account holders who have a coveted Hunter’s Early Access Token in their inventory. You’ll definitely get killed, so be ready for that and try not to cry when you watch your team get eaten by Ravagers.

Alice is ready for you to get in this build so she can splatter some aliens.

If you don’t have a Hunter’s Early Access Token yet, grab a Hunter’s Early Access Pack in the Gala Games store today. As part of this exclusive pack, you’ll also get a Rare “Ice” NFT skin for Last Expedition’s specialist character, Alice Mackaye. Simply hold at least one Hunter’s Early Access Token in your account inventory to unlock the current Early Access build.

In Last Expedition, four teams of four players battle it out in a race to secure three alien fragments and unlock a mysterious core. The team that obtains the core and escapes the hostile planet with it in their evac ship wins the match.

Tailor your loadout to the mission, scavenging for resources and utilizing your crafting skills to forge an arsenal of devastating weapons. Adapt to your surroundings and work together with your best mates to unleash a symphony of firepower upon your foes.

The December Build

What can you expect from the latest build? A massive leap forward from our September release in sound, graphics, gameplay and immersion. Much of this work has been finalized recently and has not been seen outside of the dev team. These gaming pros are giddy with eagerness to jump into a community live stream and show y’all how it’s done.

In addition to sleeker graphics and a more streamlined gameplay experience, you’ll also find a nice set of tutorial materials that will easily equip newcomers to face whatever challenges Aura can throw at them.

This build will stay live until early next month, when a special event will open Last Expedition’s gates to the wider Gala Games community for a limited time. But don’t worry, Early Access Token holders, because there are still plenty of pre-alpha and Early Access builds left before the big Beta launch that will open the game for good and remove the Early Access Token gate.

Last Expedition OPs (node operators), the unsung heroes of this immersive experience, are the backbone of this community of players. By running their nodes, they maintain the servers that power Aura, ensuring seamless gameplay and an unforgettable experience for all players. And soon, these OPs will wield even greater power, as they gain the ability to customize their servers, transforming them into the private web3 LAN parties of the future. OPs… we salute you!

Imagine facing off against your friends or foes in a custom-tailored arena, where the stakes are higher than ever before. Prepare for heart-stopping challenges, mind-bending strategies, and a level of camaraderie that will forge bonds stronger than any alien alloy. We may live all over the world, but that won’t stop us from gaming together like we’re pulling an all-nighter in your best friend’s garage.

But if you seek the ultimate test of your gaming prowess, venture onto servers hosted by OPs who’ve unleashed their Apex Predators, the most fearsome creatures Aura has to offer. These primeval beasts will stalk your every move, pushing your skills and reflexes to the brink. Only the bravest and most skilled will emerge victorious from these encounters.

Remember–This build is still just the beginning of a badass journey for Last Expedition. The team recently rebuilt the entire game in Unreal Engine 5 and we’re constantly evolving, adding new features, challenges, and surprises to keep players’ hearts pumping. Prepare to encounter new alien species, master uncharted territories, and uncover the secrets hidden deep in the massive and unforgiving planet of Aura.

Epic Games Account

For this Beta Launch, a free Epic Games account is still necessary to get in the game, and you’ll be prompted to sign in with that account once you’ve downloaded the game through the Gala Games launcher.

If you have connected your Epic Games account in a previous build, you will not be prompted to do it again with the latest build.

Once the game is fully live, an Epic Games account will no longer be needed for Gala Gamers to access it, but for now, the added hosting support has allowed our devs to focus on more important issues as they prepare for launch.

OP License Bundles

Operator’s License Bundles are still available for anyone who wants to operate a Node and run their own Last Expedition server!

The current Operator’s License Bundle comes with an Uncommon Forest Snapper OP Mod and 4 Hunter’s Early Access Tokens.

Buy OP License Bundle

When you purchase an Operator’s License Bundle to run a Node, you’re also subscribing to the exclusive OP Mod club, and you’ll receive every new Predator OP Mod NFT when it is released in all future sales! For example, those who purchased Operator’s Licenses in the inaugural (Primal Ravager Apex Predator) sale have also received every single OP Mod released since.

An new OP License Bundle sale with a brand new predator will line up with our January event, but for now, that’s all we’ll say. At Gala, it pays to become an early adopter!

An in-depth guide on setting up and managing a Last Expedition server is coming within the next couple weeks. For now, you’ll find the details in this support article.

Buy Hunter’s Early Access Pack

So, gear up, gamers. It’s time to conquer Aura, leave your mark on this hostile alien world, and become the legend that humanity deserves.

Last Expedition: December Early Access Build, launching 12/18/23

Prepare for the ultimate extraction FPS experience, powered by GalaChain and the gaming heroes of Gala Games.

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