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Alex Reborn 4: Heart of Vengeance

December 19, 2023
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Thirteen years had passed since the flames of Izu consumed Alex’s world. Now a man of twenty, he bore the physical scars of his past. The wilderness had etched a feral resilience into his being, and now that he was no longer afraid to hold company, he was untouchable by the slings and arrows of ridicule. Within him still flickered the embers of hope for revenge, fueled by the memory of his fallen village and hardened by his love of firepower.

For the past four years, since the prophecy of the wizard Pyros (whom he had not encountered since), Alex had loyally carried the ancient shoulder cannon wherever he went. The shoulder cannon was an archaic weapon, wielded in days of giants, days in which men grew much taller and stronger than in Elysium today. His ability to shoulder the mighty weapon was uncanny, but its weight caused Alex’s back to hunch even further as the years went by. He welcomed these changes with good humor, knowing the cannon would be a part of him forever.

With his fears of people since defeated, Alex enjoyed traveling about, spending time with the inhabitants of various towns and villages throughout Elysium. With his cannon and firepower to protect him, he needed not even worry about the more perilous lands toward the center of the continent, where the Ring of Ruin exuded a strange and evil magic that produced nightmarish monsters. So Alex explored the lands looking for good company.

One evening he found a crowd in the bustling eastern tavern of Havenfall, nestled along the rugged coast, where he regaled the patrons with his outlandish tales, oblivious to the whispers of amusement that followed him.

But the evening’s merriment was all but shattered when a ragged and black-toothed sailor uttered a single phrase: Dark Sun. It was a name carved into Alex’s soul like a knife of fire, a name that awoke a dormant beast of rage within. Years of friendliness and genial composure crumbled, replaced by a primal fury that threatened to consume him. In a fit of confusion and rage, Alex nearly lit his cannon and set the entire place ablaze.

A seasoned sailor named William, with a handlebar mustache and a mighty anchor held as a weapon at his side, sensed the storm brewing within Alex. He left his place at the bar and quickly intervened, his voice a calming wave against the rising tide of anger in the young man. He took Alex aside, befriended him and listened to his tragic story, a tale of a lost village and a thirst for vengeance. William, seeing in Alex a reflection of his own past struggles, was moved with sympathy and camaraderie.

Together, they forged a plan. The sailor who had mentioned Dark Sun was a mate for Crimson Dawn, a notorious pirate crew rumored to be suppliers of gunpowder to the Dark Sun, became their target. Alex, with his imposing presence and shoulder cannon — an archaic relic from a forgotten age — and William, with his stoic strength and formidable anchor-axe, presented themselves as prospective mates for Crimson Dawn.

Their offer to join the crew was met with mixed reactions. The sight of Alex’s cannon intrigued the pirates, its power a tempting tool for their nefarious plans, but Alex’s wildness caused hesitation.

While the Crimson Dawn mates were unsure about Alex, William’s reputation as a skilled sailor and his calm demeanor spoke volumes for both of them. The crew, primarily from fear of treachery, decided to split them up. Alex, with his cannon, was granted immediate acceptance on the harbored ship’s crew. William, they declared, would have to prove his worth aboard another ship due to arrive within three days.

Disappointment flickered across Alex’s face, but William’s hand clasped his shoulder in a reassuring grip. “Remember our plan, brother,” he whispered, his voice a low rumble. “We will meet again soon, and together, we will see the Dark Sun extinguished.”

With a heavy heart, Alex watched his friend disappear into the crowds of Havenfall. He knew the plan was risky, but trust in William burned bright within him. It was time to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks, to gather information, and to strike the first blow against those who had stolen his childhood and his family.

The fire of vengeance burned brighter than ever, fueled by a newfound purpose. He would finally become the instrument of justice that would reclaim his lost innocence, bring peace to his thirsty soul, and forge a new destiny.

But the journey ahead was fraught with dangers. The Crimson Dawn was a crew of hardened criminals, and Alex, despite his feral skills, was an outsider. He had to tread carefully, walk a tightrope between suspicion and acceptance, all while carrying the weight of his past and the burden of his vengeance.

He knew that this was only the beginning. The path to justice would be long and arduous, but Alex was determined to walk it. He would not rest until the flames of his cannon’s vengeance had consumed the darkness that had consumed his world.


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