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CaCE Files : MTRM is on Bitrue

September 1, 2022
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Bitrue has launched a new MTRM/USDT exchange listing for Materium, the official reward token of MMORPG Mirandus

In the world of Web3 entertainment, innovations are possible thanks to two separate, yet equally important groups: The crypto enthusiasts who think outside the box, and the communities who spread the word. These are their stories.

Greetings, friends of Gala Games, metaverse adventurers and early adopters! We’re back today with more exciting news about moves and waves in the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Yesterday, a new exchange listing for Materium (MTRM) was launched on the popular international crypto exchange, Bitrue.

The new MTRM/USDT pair will join $GALA (paired with USDC, USDT, BTC, XRP, BTR) and TOWN (paired with USDT) as the third Gala Games token represented on the Bitrue exchange platform.

Bitrue Listing Article

Web3 was Built on Exchanges

We are always thrilled when a new exchange chooses to list our tokens. Crypto exchanges are some of the earliest pioneers in the Web3 world, and they play a tremendous role in our journey together toward mass adoption.

When our Ecosystem’s tokens are listed on new exchanges, it always represents a new degree of freedom for members of our community. Freedom, accessibility, control and ownership. We won’t tell you which exchange you should use, but we will proudly and happily report every time new options are unlocked for you.

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