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Alex Reborn 2: Cry of the Misfit

December 1, 2023
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Fear not, misfit. Fate has a plan for you in the end, and the future will know your name.

The sole survivor of the Izu massacre emerged from the depths of his cave, a boy reborn. The world that greeted him was a desolate canvas painted with the hues of death and destruction. His home, once a haven of laughter and love, was now a haunting reminder of the brutality that swept through his life.

The once vibrant village of Izu lay in ruins, its streets littered with the remnants of shattered lives. The silence was deafening, broken only by the mournful cries of carrion birds circling overhead. The corpses were so unrecognizable that he couldn’t even find the bodies of his parents.

With a heart heavy with grief but hardened by darkness, Alex wandered through the wreckage of his past, his young mind struggling to grasp the enormity of his loss. With nowhere to turn and no one to call his own, he ventured into the unforgiving wilderness, seeking solace in the embrace of nature.

The land, scarred by the Black Sun’s reign of terror, offered little sustenance and shelter. Driven by an instinct to survive, Alex honed his primal skills, learning to hunt and trap the elusive creatures that roamed the wilderness.

His body grew lean and wiry, hardened by the harsh elements. His hands, once the soft and delicate hands of a child, became calloused and strong, bearing the marks of his newfound struggle. His back hunched over as he imitated the prowl of night monsters. The boy who once played in the streets of Izu was now a feral creature, a survivor shaped only by twisted darkness and an unforgiving world.

Months turned into years, and Alex, now a young man, roamed the land, a solitary figure haunted by the ghosts of his past. Civilized folk wherever he found them, wary of his wild appearance, twisted back and haunted eyes, shunned him and treated him as an outcast.

One day, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows like knives across the darkening ground, Alex found himself drawn hopefully to a village. The flickering lights of homes and the sounds of laughter and conversation stirred a long-forgotten yearning within him.

With an anticipatory pounding in his heart, Alex approached the village, hoping to find acceptance and companionship among its inhabitants. But his hopes were soon dashed as the villagers, upon seeing his ragged appearance and feral demeanor, recoiled in fear and disgust. In the town square, onlookers called out to friends and family to join in the ridicule. Eventually, someone threw a stone and Alex was forced to withdraw when it struck his forehead.

Alex, his heart shattered once more, turned away from the village, sinking deeper into the abyss of despair. He climbed a nearby hill that overlooked the village, his eyes burning with tears of humiliation and rage.

As the sun dipped with finality below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of crimson and gold, Alex unleashed a primal cry, a guttural roar that echoed through the valley and chilled the bones of everyone in the village. It was a cry of defiance, a cry of rejection, the cry of a misfit who had finally accepted his place in a world that had no place for him.

From that day forward, Alex embraced his solitude, his misfit identity becoming his shield against the cruelty of the world. He vowed to never again rely on others for survival, for he was a creature of the wild, a survivor who had conquered the harshest of trials.

And so, Alex, the misfit, the survivor, the child of Izu, forged his own path in the unforgiving world, his spirit unbroken, his heart scarred but resilient, forever marked by the dark sun that had once threatened to extinguish his light. But his light would not be extinguished.

Legendary Alex!

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