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Ahead of the Game Recap — Don’t Miss Thursday’s Episode!

July 19, 2023
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If you want to stay Ahead of the Game, check out the replay of last week’s new episode, featuring hard-hitting questions and a chat with CryptoStache.

There’s another great episode in the books, and it seems like this weekly show is really catching on. There are a bunch of fun on-stream toys to play with, we can feature some of your favorite guests from the web3 world, and Jason has a chance to tackle hard-hitting questions. He loves that.

Watch the replay from last week here, or jump straight to a particular chapter or question below!

00:00 — Intro 
00:40 — Title 
02:11 — Call for Questions 
03:42 — The Walking Dead: Empires video sneak peek 
04:30 — SDCC Party Reveal 
06:25 — Wen Hoodies? NOW! 
06:45 — NFTS on Google Play!? 
08:20 — Interview with CryptoStache 
11:55 — Question for Stache — “What is something we could do better?” 
16:25 — Q&A Begins 
16:30 — When will Treasure Chest $GALA convert to GalaChain? 
19:20 — Question about strategy regarding PokerGO Play & GRIT 
23:30 — How much $GALA is burned when building new projects like REP? 25:40 — CryptoStache interview resumes 
31:15 — Question for Stache — “What is something we have done well?” 
36:43 — Question for Stache — “What is something that you are excited for?” 38:45 — Stache’s final thoughts 
41:20 — Jason addresses the current Node proposal discussion 
42:16 — “Why won’t you answer my hard questions in this AOTG?” 
42:27 — Jason takes hard questions 
43:10 — Tour of r/GalaNodeBonusPool community proposals 
59:30 — Summary of how proposal was informed by community proposals 
1:03:36 — The Walking Dead: Empires playtest for everyone? 
1:03:45 — Wen Legacy update? 
1:04:22 — DeFi? 
1:06:10 — What’s next for REP? 
1:07:30 — Jason’s Twitter giveaway

In last week’s recorded interview with CryptoStache, there were plenty of hardball thoughts, or hot takes, as Jason and Stache lovingly dubbed them. To get more than that, you’ll have to watch the interview portion(s) of the recorded video. Pardon our technical issues that caused the interview to be shared in 2 parts.

What did he just say?!

Special Episode Next Week

For next week’s Ep9, Jason, Paul and the rest of the team are psyched to bring you a special on-location Ahead of the Game from our kickass Comic-Con party.

We rented an iconic brewery in downtown San Diego for the weekend and turned it into an immersive gaming escape worthy of Gala Games. We call it Club Clandestine, and it’s every bit as elegant as it sounds. If you’re anywhere near San Diego, come by during our open hours:

Thursday: 2–6pm PT
Friday: 12–4pm PT
Saturday: 12–4pm PT

Thursday’s Ahead of the Game will be streamed from Club Clandestine so Gala Gamers at home will have a chance to behold its majesty. Party guests may even have an opportunity to appear live on the show with BitBender!

Set a notification now so you don’t miss it at 4pm PT tomorrow, Thursday July 20th!

Who thinks BitBender should dress in The Walking Dead: Empires cosplay for the party? Let us know which character in the comments below, or in Discord!