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A New Champion Joins the Battle

December 7, 2023
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Akumu, the Blood-Stained Armor has joined the arena as part of the new December Battle Pass!

An all-new Epic Champion has joined the battle in Champions Arena. Welcome to Akumu, the Blood-Stained Armor!

Akumu comes as part of this month’s Battle Pass. Grab a Battle Pass in game to get extra items as you complete quests — Gold, Champion XP, Upgrade Stones, Lapis… even a nice pile of Soulstone Selectors!

If you complete the highest reaches of the Battle Pass, you’ll grab Akumu along with a pile of its Soul Stones!

Check out the new Champion on YouTube below!

Akumu, the Blood-Stained Armor

Akumu offers protection. Akumu offers power unimaginable. Akumu doesn’t lie.

A dark curse placed on Akumu in Ka-drax twists the hearts and minds of all who wear it. Only bloodlust and the will to slaughter remain. Many have worn Akumu. They got the power they sought. In the end, all served only Akumu’s insatiable desire for more prey.

Normal Attack will deal damage to a single enemy based on Akumu’s max HP and decrease their turn gauge. A card match increases the decrease to turn gauge.

Hell Slash will deal damage proportional to Akumu’s max HP to an enemy. A card match increases the damage of this attack.

Hellish Warfield deals even more damage proportional to Akumu’s max HP to all enemies. A card match increases the damage further.

Recursive Curse will cause Akumu to guard the ally with the highest Attack. If the guarded ally is heavily damaged or killed, Akumu will increase the Turn Gauge of all allies. If Akumu starts his turn without a guarded ally, it will sacrifice life to designate a new guarded ally.

The Battle Is Now!

Akumu and the New Battle Pass are already live in Champions Arena! A new Champion Summoning Event has just begun as well, go grab your free Summoning Tickets if you haven’t!

How high will you rise in the progressive rewards? Will you dare dawn Akumu, the Blood-Stained Armor?

See you in the arena, Champions!