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Eternal Paradox–Make Time for ETIME

December 8, 2023
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Eternal Paradox has successfully launched on iOS and Android, so let the accumulation of Eternal Time begin!

Have you been playing already? If not, what are you waiting for?

Eternal Paradox is live in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so get it downloaded on your favorite device and dive into the paradox today! Between play sessions, don’t forget to leave us a review in your app store!

The Mercenary clans need your help and leadership to stand a chance against the forces of Shakram, hell-bent on world domination or destruction. Can the Mercenaries unite under a new generation of leaders in time to set Elysium free from the Ring of Ruin’s mystical grasp? Whether good or evil will prevail, your help is needed, so get in the game.

Eternal Paradox

Gather Eternal Time

As you team up with your Guild, take on enemy forces, and strategize for seasonal position, one of your most important goals is to accumulate Eternal Time (ETIME), the official GalaChain reward token of Eternal Paradox.

Lots of different gameplay activities factor into the daily distribution of ETIME rewards, and the total amount of ETIME available for distribution (on a daily and seasonal basis) is determined by how much is spent on in-game purchases, as outlined in greater detail in the Eternal Paradox Litepaper.

Spend Eternal Time

One of the key purposes of ETIME is its use as the exclusive token used to purchase certain extremely rare and limited in-game items.

Each season, new ETIME exclusive items will be revealed and released. For starters, we have decided to unveil the ultimate battle Mercenary in all her glory… Behold, the Ancient 6-star Bianca (Wind):

The Ultimate Bianca!

If you’re the type of player who just cannot rest until you have the BEST, then your saved ETIME now has a purpose. But be warned: Accumulating enough ETIME to purchase this beauty will be a long and arduous road.

High Tier — 6 Star Bianca (Wind)

This in-game-only OP Bianca is the top tier ETIME item, with only 5 total available for purchase.

Mid Tier — Special Mercenary Tomes

Summon exclusive Mercenaries with these awesome ETIME Tomes!

Special Mercenary Tomes are coming soon!

Special edition Seasonal Mercenary Tomes will also soon be available in limited supply, allowing purchasers to summon a single minted version (chance of Rare to Ancient) of special editions of available Mercenaries from different clans!

Each season will bring in new exclusive options for Tomes containing special editions of Mercs you can’t get in any other way, so keep a close watch for updates and stack that ETIME!

Low Tier — In-Game Packages

You’ll want to push and shove for these special gameplay-boosting packages, available in the 3 different varieties listed below.

The best part is that as part of our special launch event, the ETIME prices of these items are marked down by a massive 50% for the first 1000 purchasers of each package. Right now, take your pick for only 75 ETIME per package. Once 1000 have sold, packages will return to the normal price of 150 ETIME, so act quickly!

Resource Package — Supply: 1000
Speedup Package — Supply: 1000
Comprehensive Package — Supply: 1000

Bridge Eternal Time

ETIME may also be bridged from GalaChain to Ethereum, where it will still be visible in your Gala Games inventory. However, with no exchange listings and insufficient supply in the wild for trade, there is little purpose for this beyond long-term cold storage.

As the first season progresses and ETIME is minted, we will keep you informed of any developments with external exchanges or decentralized exchange pairings as they become available. For now, be patient and just let your ETIME rewards build up, or spend them on the exclusive ETIME sinks available in the game.

Back to the Paradox

We’ve captured your attention long enough. The Mercenaries crave your leadership, so download Eternal Paradox and start playing now!

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