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Burn your free RZR Collectibles to upgrade to a Blades NFT

January 17, 2023
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Get an Entry Level NFT when you accumulate 100 points after burning your Collectibles

Gala Film’s debut series RZR is a dystopian mind-hacking sci-fi thriller from the mind of David Bianchi. The highly anticipated series features free Collectibles, plus NFTs that come with incredible benefits and experiences.

Collectibles are received from participating in free-to-enter Gala Film promotions, completing quests, challenges, and other social initiatives. Collectibles come with points. To access these points, you must exchange and burn your Collectibles.

However, for every 100 points you accumulate, you’ll receive the Entry Level Blades NFT, which comes with benefits like:

  • Free access to watch the series
  • Exclusive content
  • Upgrade Rewards

How do I exchange my Collectible NFTs for Collectible Points?

You will be able to exchange your Collectible NFTs for Collectible Points from 12 pm, PT, January 16, 2023. The exchange window will stay open until 12 pm PT, January 30, 2023. When the exchange window closes all points collected will be burned and Entry Level NFTs (RZR, ‘Blades’) will be automatically dropped to your Gala Film account for every 100 points collected.

To do so, you’ll just need to:

  1. Log in and go to your ‘My Collection’ page
  2. Click the ‘Gala Film’ box under ‘Exchangeable NFTs’

NOTE: Your collectible NFT will need to be on-chain to exchange. To put your Collectible on-chain, just click on the collectible and click ‘Transfer’. Once transferred, you will be able to exchange.

3. This will take you to the exchange page. From there, hit the ‘Exchange Item’ button

4. Enter your Transfer Code and submit

5. You will then get a ‘Success’ pop-up

It’s that easy!

To learn more about Gala Film, visit here.

To learn more about RZR, visit here.