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Latest and Greatest: Legends Reborn is Coming Soon

Latest and Greatest: Legends Reborn is Coming Soon

Our community has been waiting patiently for news on the deck-building TCG, Legends Reborn, whose development was unexpectedly halted when original developer Kung Fu Factory shut down. But we weren’t going to let it go that easily, especially when the title had fostered such excitement within the community. With the new dev team at Clash Craft Studios, the strategic masterpiece card game is back on track and coming soon to the Gala Games platform!

Deck Building in Web3

Trading card games lend themselves perfectly to the ownership and rewards enabled by web3, and GalaChain is ready to compete with the leading TCGs in the world.

There’s something special about the ability to build a deck out of NFTs like tokenized Creatures –With each unique creature and action card having a secondary market of its own to consider, players can enjoy greater depth to the exhilarating strategic gameplay than ever before. The game’s trade economy will blend seamlessly with PvP gameplay strategy, keeping everything fresh and compelling for players from all walks of life.

Venue Ownership

Like many Gala games, Legends Reborn comes with a unique way for players to own “land” and earn greater rewards for engaging with the game.

Check out this Upscale Tavern Venue!

Check out this Upscale Tavern Venue!

In the world of Legends Reborn, disputes are settled on the game table, rather than the battlefield. It is a fantasy world where peace reigns supreme, but competition is everything. Nearly everyone participates in the massively popular game of Chance, and nearly every tavern and public gathering place in the world acts as a venue for Chance gameplay.

Players have the option to own gameplay Venues of varying rarities within the world of Tolkheim, earning a portion of the rewards from matches played within their Venue. Learn more about Venue ownership in THIS BLOG, but keep in mind that details may still change before official launch. We’ll keep you updated!

Creature Pack Sale

Creature Packs and Epic Creature Packs are still available in the Gala Games store while supplies last, but only for a limited time. Each Creature Pack contains a ritual stone capable of forming a small group of fully functional creature tokens. If you want to collect creatures of higher rarity, get these Creature Packs before they disappear!

Secondary Market

If you’re interested in browsing the current secondary market for Legends Reborn, check out the OpenSea collection, where you’ll find a variety of characters and Venues! 

Subject to Change

Please remember that original Legends Reborn plans are subject to change, especially with new developers at the helm. Utility will be ascribed to all existing tokens, and new tokens will be sold as well through the Gala Games store.

As the game prepares for launch, stay on the lookout for updates about gameplay, sales, reward economy and more!