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Legendary Launch–Legends Reborn is Live

March 11, 2024
Legends Reborn is the web3 tcg from Gala Games
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The wait is over, TCG gamers and fantasy enthusiasts! The eagerly anticipated PvP game of web3 trading cards is now live and absolutely free to play for both PC and Mac.

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Trading card games are a perfect fit for web3, and with its 3D gameplay and unique competitive edge, Legends Reborn puts a fantastic twist on the beloved TCG formulas.

In the land of Tolkheim, citizens settle their disputes not through violence and war, but through strategic gameplay and the power of their decks. For anyone wishing for success in the fantasy land, skills in the card game known simply as Chance are of utmost importance. But there’s more to Chance cards than meets the eye–The ancient magic of Tolkeim is imbued within these mystical artifacts and can only be unleashed on the tables of battle.

Players build their best decks and compete against battle champions from all over the world in this visually stunning and strategically challenging card game. What really sets Legends Reborn apart is the players’ ability to truly own the cards they play with.

Own & Earn

Both Creature and Action cards can be owned as NFTs, making them fully transferable and tradable on GalaChain, or even bridgeable to Ethereum for trade on secondary markets there. All NFTs must be held in your GalaChain wallet to be usable in-game.

Following the initial Season 0, players of Legends Reborn will also enjoy opportunities to earn $TOLK (the upcoming official reward token) rewards for seasonal play.

Look for more detailed information on the game’s economy of ownership and rewards when the Litepaper is revealed later this week before the first reward season begins.

In a unique twist on the idea of virtual land, Chance Venues can also be owned by players as NFTs in the world of Legends Reborn. Once rewards are available, owners of these Venues are eligible for a share of the rewards generated by all battles that take place there.

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