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Join the Battle in Dragon Strike

Join the Battle in Dragon Strike

The battle continues in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG. Have you tried your hand in the battle to regain your kingdom!?

If you haven’t tried Dragon Strike yet and you like RPG or Match-3 games, why not!? Dragon Strike is easy to hop in and get started with and there’s tons of ways to play! 

Today, we’d like to go over some of the gameplay systems within Dragon Strike. As we ‘show you around’, so to speak, remember that Dragon Strike is readily available from both the Play Store and App Store. If you like what you see here, download it and give it a go!

Dragon Strike, in Brief

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG is a game that includes engaging and beloved mechanics from multiple game genres, so it can seem intimidating to people at first glance. Once players get inside, however, they’ll find a lot of the systems quite familiar and intuitive.

Combat within the game takes place primarily in a match-3 style, though your specific team’s skills and abilities play a major role in how that combat plays out. As you match colors, Heroes of the corresponding colors will gain energy to use their powerful abilities. 

There’s no turn-based play… you’ll need to be clever and quick. If your opponent is getting the upper hand, you have your inventory at your disposal. Use it to delay or debuff the opponents, or to buff your troops or do massive amounts of damage.

Regular Events

While Dragon Strike primarily employs RPG and match-3 elements, the regular event cycle adds more of a strategy facet to the game as well. These events are constantly rotating, and will reward you for taking specific actions – such as summoning, recruiting, killing monsters, etc.

The rewards for these events aren’t quite as big as the weekly events, but they add up. The best players will plan their use of resources and time to fit this event cycle. That way, they’re always on top of the leaderboard and pulling in the best rewards.

Your Town

As you play through the game, you’ll be fortifying your base. Exiled from your castle, you’ll need to build up this backwater town into a new seat of power. 

In your town you have multiple plots to build and new buildings will become available as you level. You’ll level up resource buildings and storage, but you’ll also slowly grow your barracks and Dragon Pit to recruit powerful allies to your cause. 

Crucially, you can also access The Summoning Portal from your town. Here you’ll be able to summon new Heroes and Dragons without waiting for them to slowly recruit from the barracks. Combine your recruits and summons to make a powerful team. 

Your Troops

The Heroes and Dragons you summon will fill up your army over time. These units will start out with limited power at low level, but you can level them up by combining them with other like units. 

As you build up Heroes and Dragons that you are less likely to use, combine them with your main team to increase the level of your best Heroes. Beware though, any Heroes or Dragons you use to as fodder to level will be gone forever! 

Once your troops hit max level, you can use promotion items to increase their rank. This increases their stats and starts them back at level 1, where you can grind up their level to even more power! As rank increases, the promotion items required become rarer. You can always find what you need though somewhere in the campaign, dungeons or event rewards! 


The campaign is the ongoing battle to regain your kingdom from the evil Malum. In this mode, you’ll progress through levels in many areas, gradually increasing in difficulty and rewards. 

As you go through the campaign, you’ll notice that each area has three likely drops listed. These are items that are more likely to drop from these areas, though they aren’t the only items that may drop as loot. You can use these favored drops to target farm what you need to grow your army.

Once you finish the campaign against Malum, an entirely new campaign will open with even more challenges. Be aware though – this is the endgame. The difficulty (and rewards) grow quickly here.

Dragon Strike

Dragon Strikes don’t carry the name of the game for nothing. These are serious battles against a series of insanely powerful Dragon bosses with potentially huge rewards.

This is a guild only event. Guilds work together to take down each and every Dragon placed before them. This takes both coordination and strategy. Using up your best items and all your energy early could leave you lacking on the tougher dragons.

Each guild only has a few days to rack up the kills here and rise on the leaderboards!


The other side of the coin from Dragon Strike is the Tournament. This battle will present players with a wide array of battles for different level of Heroes. This battle goes on opposite weeks  from Dragon Strikes, and is more of an individual battle than a guild contest.

Players will wade through each wave of the tournament and be ranked according to the points they achieve. Points come from both clear speed and the size of the largest combo achieved during battle. Climb the leaderboard to get BIG rewards.

Dragonspire Tower

Dragonspire Tower happens between Dragon Strike and Tournament events, and is similar to the tournament, but requires a little more nuanced strategy.

In Dragonspire Tower, you’ll climb through a neverending progression of increasingly difficult battles. Each gives rewards for completing… but there’s a catch. You can’t use the same Hero or Dragon twice.

Guilds offer a MAJOR advantage though, as in Dragonspire Tower you can borrow Heroes and Dragons from other players in your guild to use in a battle. You can only borrow from each member of your guild one time though, so you’ll still have to make some strategic decisions and not use up all your power early!


Dungeons occur on a rotating schedule and have unique waves of enemies with fixed rewards. There’s a large variety of difficulties of dungeons – the occasional “Impossible” dungeons can be punishing until you figure out their strategy, but the rewards are usually worth it.

Each dungeon has rewards for a fixed amount of waves, but you can also continue diving deeper into the dungeon for increasing rewards once you’re done. Each dungeon carries its own leaderboard so you can push yourself to get deeper than anyone else.


The arena is where PvP comes into play in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG. Each player sets a defense team in the arena, then any attacking player can be matched against your defense team which will be played by the computer.

This asynchronous PvP system means that while you get to battle against the teams of your friends and rivals, there’s no long-winded wait for matchmaking. As soon as you enter the Arena, you’re right in the action.

Your rank in the arena depends on both your attacking and defending victories, so it may prove that different teams are better in each role. Experiment with your teams and see what you can make work.

The Gala Games Leaderboard 

The Gala Games Leaderboard is a ranking system that occurs weekly and pulls performance in multiple events into one list of rewards. This is where players can accumulate $GALA for their efforts in the game.

These events rotate weekly, depending on whether Dragon Strike or the Tournament is happening that week. The Gala Games Leaderboard will reward players with points based on the number of NFT Heroes that they use during the relevant events that week. Players will receive more points multiplicatively for each NFT Hero they use, up to a maximum of 5x for a full party of NFT Heroes.

Players will accumulate points for their performance in The Arena, as well as Dragon Strike or the Tournament – whichever happens that week. At the end of the Leaderboard each week, players will receive $GALA based on their rank.

Prepare for Battle

Jump in and get battling today! If you haven’t started building up your army and preparing for the war, what are you waiting for!?

NFT-Ready Heroes can be summoned in game, and there’s plenty of NFTs available on OpenSea or NFT Harbor… but you don’t need to buy anything to hop in and start building your forces! You can download and start playing right away!

Dragon Strike is totally free to play and you can download it from the Play Store or the App Store today.

Latest and Greatest: Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG

Latest and Greatest: Dragon Strike Puzzle RPG

Download Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG AndroidiOS

Malum’s forces gather, but the mightiest Heroes and Dragons in the land stand ready to fight. Will you take the battlefield?

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG has come a long way since landing on the Gala Games platform. It’s been an exciting past year, with long-time players of the mobile game finding a new home with Gala and new players discovering this amazing RPG/puzzle hybrid!

Web2 to Web3

Dragon Strike was first released in 2019 as a traditional mobile title. While the core gameplay loop has stayed true to what made it so fun in the first place, last May we implemented the ability to fully own your own Heroes within the game.

Since then, players have been able to browse and list NFT Heroes on the official Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG OpenSea collection or NFT Harbor. For those who still prefer the old fashioned way of summoning their Heroes through the game, they can summon NFT-Ready Heroes directly from The Summoning Portal or grab a Scroll of Minting and turn any maxed out Hero into an NFT!

This added a lot of new strategy and possibilities for building your team, but we weren’t done yet. In July of last year we opened up the ability to compete for a weekly $GALA prize in the Gala Games Leaderboard. This leaderboard aggregates your progress from the regular weekly events and the arena, adding a multiplier for the amount of NFT Heroes within your party.

With these changes, Dragon Strike was brought up to speed in the web3 world. While it maintains the super-engaging event and battle loop that was so fun in its web2 version, there are more ways players can engage with their Heroes and meta strategy!

New Heroes

Before coming to Gala, Dragon Strike had tons of content in the game, but long-time players were after new strategies and updates to freshen their experience within the game. While the Gala Games Leaderboard created entirely new ways to play, there was a little more that the team had cooked up.

Gala Gold users saw an all new 5-star Hero drop into the game in August, with the mighty Aurum the perfect compliment to the gilded group. All members got a drop of this exclusive card as just another Gala Gold membership perk!

Aurum wasn’t about to be the last new Hero on Dragon Strike, however. Starting in August, 20 new Heroes entered the game through the weekly event Hero rotation. Many of these Heroes transformed the long-hardened strategy executed at the highest levels, shaking up the competition and creating new ways to reach the top.

Celebrations and Events

As usual, Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG still has some extra fun added in at holidays throughout the year. Whether it was looting the Halloween dungeon or stocking up on sweets during the Winter Event, these added events always have a way of changing up the game and giving everyone a new angle on strategy.

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG has only been on GalaChain for a little while. Who knows what kinds of parties are in the future!

Battle On!

Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG still has more plans and content charted for it. This game was originally developed by Ember Entertainment, and came to the Gala family when they joined forces with us.

We have no firm dates for future content in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG as of yet.. With so many new Heroes added to the mix recently, there’s no need to keep disrupting the battle for the top with new strategies. The community echoed this sentiment, in fact, near the end of the release of new Heroes last year. New stuff is great, but eventually you’re after some sort of stability to execute the plans you’ve laid out for your army!

Just in the past 10 months we’ve come so far bringing this game into the web3 world without compromising what made it great in the first place. If you haven’t checked out Dragon Strike in a while… hop in and give it a go!

Only a few days until the next Tournament… better sharpen those swords and ready your dragons!
Download Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG – AndroidiOS

A Yuletide Showdown

A Yuletide Showdown

In the far north, an ancient guardian protects against all the bad girls and boys. Happy holidays Dragon Strike!

Pulled by eight guardians of legend, the high powered sleigh made a formidably soft landing onto the tundra field to which he’d been directed by his navigators. Landings were always easier when load was lightened and spirits were revived after a successful expedition. Santa enjoyed the cold of home, but like any man after an extended shift, he was ready for a schvitz in the ornate cedar sauna crafted by Burlap, his trusty elf butler. Burlap was the finest woodworker on the complex, and Santa has always thought it a pity that the elf’s best work couldn’t be shared with the world.

With the dexterity of a much younger man, Santa hopped out of the sleigh. The rumble from his boots hitting the ground was strangely loud and deep, as if the hollow ground of a broad cavern lay just below where he stood. “How peculiar,” said Santa as he bent low and put his ear to the ground. The rumble didn’t die away, but grew louder, a series of percussive booms from deep within the earth, almost like his arrival had triggered something below.

Sensing danger, Santa quickly retrieved his staff. He gazed at the large runic orb clutched by carved eagle’s talons at the staff’s head, feeling the familiar Christmas magic coursing through his very blood and emboldening him for whatever would come next.

The rumbling continued to grow louder and Santa knew it was an attack. Without a word, he motioned to his faithful guardians; in a flash they kicked up into the sky, carrying the sacred sleigh away from danger. If that device ever fell into the wrong clutches, the children of the world would suffer for the rest of time.

Santa stood tall and proud, a bearded man in a flowing red cloak, ready to defend his home once again. He gathered his thoughts and focused the magic that always lived in his heart, amplified by the power of the Christmas Orb.

The ground shook, then opened before him, spewing an entire legion of cave goblins. Usually savage and unorganized creatures, these goblins formed ranks and faced off against Santa like they were awaiting the orders of a general who had not yet arrived on the battlefield. They wielded clubs, bows and blades. A twinkle appeared in Santa’s eye as he suddenly realized who was behind this coordinated siege.

He never thought Malum’s forces would follow him to the desolate wasteland of the north pole, but the enemies of joy and love had grown despicably desperate of late. A deafening silence lay between Santa and the army of cave goblins, until he shattered it with a single battle call…

“Ho, ho, ho!!!!”

The laugh was more defiant than a martyr’s cry, it was more jovial than a child’s wonder, and for the forces of Malum, it was more dangerous than a thousand ancient armies. It struck every goblin’s icy heart like a spear of warm light, and there was no escape. They dropped their weapons and fell to their knees, instantly feeling the weight of their mistakes and suddenly knowing that they had been placed on the dreaded naughty list. They cried burning tears of shame and remorse, tears that were so hot they melted the permafrost ground beneath the goblins’ feet, swallowing the sobbing legion back to the underground from whence it came.

Standing in silence again, Santa called a powerful storm to fill the newly formed canyon, and within two short minutes the ground before him was pristine and pure once again. He whistled a happy tune and began walking the short distance toward home. Once he walked across the would-be battleground, Santa turned casually toward the earth, where an unseen coward was undoubtedly cursing in the dark depths after a goblin horde came crashing down on him.

“Next time face me yourself, humbug.”

Then he turned toward home and thought no more of the wicked wizard who had expended such energy and power in an attempt to wipe joy from the world. Instead, he thought about the cup of piping cocoa and smiling faces that awaited his arrival.

Let the Snowfall Begin!

Let the Snowfall Begin!

Join the Snowfall Tournament to secure you place on the nice list. Holiday treasures await the bold.

It’s the final sub-zero tournament of the year. In the ancient tradition of the kingdom’s heroes, a special tournament will run alongside this week’s event.

In the bitter cold surrounding the winter solstice, thousands of years of tradition demand the champion of winter step forward to receive their honors. Today is the day we begin to decide who this year’s champion is.

The Snowfall Tournament

The Snowfall Tournament begins today, December 21st. It will run alongside the normal Sub-Zero Tournament and has both a beginner and expert tier. Your score in this tournament will count towards your Gala Games Leaderboard score this weekend.

Take on waves of enemies to rack up Crests for your guild and climb the rankings. A special avatar and big rewards await the top finishers!

Frostlands Blizzard

This dungeon is hiding far more loot than your typical 3-star! Battle through 7 intense stages to reach Santa’s Frostland Cavern. After that, dive into the endless dungeon, where you can encounter two secret bosses.

Keep clearing out the top levels and you’ll unlock even more sweet loot through the reward tiers. Special prizes await the top 500 finishers who manage to dig the deepest into the blizzard!

Snacks and Sweets!

It’s the holidays, and it just wouldn’t be the same without indulging our sweet tooth! In addition to getting all the sweetest treats from the dungeon, you can also grab special holiday items in Guild Gifts and Missions!

Stock up, because holiday treats are the sweetest of all! Like other holiday treats, these only happen once a year. They can be far more effective than items you can craft, so make sure you stock up a secret stash for throughout the year snacking!

Gifts Galore

Want something to glam up your holidays in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG a little more? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve got some sweet sales going on right now, with dangerously jolly amounts of items tucked into bundle deals.

Players can grab either:

  • The Stocking Stuffer Pack: Grab 3000 Gems, some gifts to show your love to the guild and some delicious candy to keep your heroes hopped up on sugar through the season
  • The Huge Holiday Sale: 10k Gems, loads of consumables, Swords, Dragon Food… what’s not to love? Ensure all your Heroes and Dragons have a very happy holiday!

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, it’s definitely a time to be jolly in Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG.

Now get out there! There’s a Snowfall Champion to crown, and you better get fighting!

New Dragon Slayer Reveal: Lunarios

New Dragon Slayer Reveal: Lunarios

The new Dragon Slayer Lunarios is coming through The Summoning Portal for the first time this week, just in time for the Dragon Strike event!

He was losing them. The tide was beyond turned, but what could he do other than persist?

Lunarios stood on the cliffside overlooking the carnage below. Their plans had clearly been given away. This raid was supposed to be a total surprise! Did they have a mole inside? Who could possibly be a spy for Malum?

His mind flashed through everyone who had prior knowledge of the attack. Surely none of his lieutenants had betrayed them!? They’d all lost homes, family to Malum. What price could possibly buy the loyalty of someone caught in the path of his conquest?

Lunarios shook these thoughts from his head. He needed to concentrate. Holding up his scepter, he redoubled his focus. There were many wounded on the field below that needed his persistent healing to survive this day.

He watched as a fresh reinforcement of wyrms crawled from the cave across from his vantage. Hundreds of whelps bounded into the few dozen remaining troops below. Lunarios did all he could. Each bitten limb and trampled ally was noticed by the general, and he directed his healing to them nearly as fast as they were wounded. Still, new teeth and feet fell upon them.

They were fully overrun now. He hadn’t seen any of the wyrms fall. Several whelps down, but each of his troops would be dead seven times over if not for his triage. The day was lost. He couldn’t submit his troops to this agony any longer.

Lunarios grabbed the horn at his waist and stared at it for a moment before taking a deep breath pressing it to his lips. He knew this would give away his position, but they were dying over and over down there. Too much pain for today.

The lone general overlooking the defeated and broken troop blew the horn and sounded the retreat. Every winged wyrm on the ground below looked up to the sudden sound and took flight.

Lunarios continued to heal his troops as they retreated, even as dozens of dragons set upon his position. The dust from the impact of the dragons filled the air, and any of his troops below only saw several dragons impact the cliff and an explosion of rock and sand.

The cliff face crumbled under Lunarios and he fell to the valley below. As he dropped, he continued healing the remaining soldiers on the retreat.

Just as he hit the ground and closed his eyes to rest, he emerged from The Summoning Portal.

Purple Dragon Slayer Hero: Lunarios

Lunarios is a man of honor. A great general, he cut his teeth in great battles with dragons and distinguished himself by the compassionate care he shows each soldier under his command.

Lunarios is a master of the Ability Renewal. To truly master command of the battlefield, Lunarios can impart tremendous instant healing onto allies, as well as imbuing them with lingering healing magics as they return to the battle.

Lunarios will arrive on Thursday, December 14th for the next Dragon Strike event. Will this slayer help rally your troops in the Dragon Strike?

Dragon Slayers, Attack!

As usual with a new Hero, Lunarios will have a 10x modifier to all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 5x modifier for the Legendary version.

The Rare Lunarios will have a 5x modifier for all Tournament and Dragon Strike damage that will scale down gradually to a 2x modifier, where it will eventually remain permanently.

Like other Heroes before, Lunarios is available all week as a possible bonus summon and will enter the permanent summoning pool.

Lunarios will be a great help in this weekend’s Dragon Strike. Don’t miss this new slayer!

Coming up next week is an Evergreen Tournament… What hero will be unveiled then?