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Ahead of the MUSIC – The Latest from the Gala Music Ecosystem

Ahead of the MUSIC – The Latest from the Gala Music Ecosystem

There’s no better place to start dialing into Gala ecosystem news than Ahead of the Game–Join us this week for a special Gala Music “takeover” episode!

We’re not surprised if the last few weeks had too much GalaChain news for you to follow. With a 24 hour GALAthon hackathon event during GDC 2024, big news about Gala Film, a superstar Hip Hop drop on Gala Music and more, March was a record breaking month at Gala.

Each week for nearly the last year, we’ve brought the latest updates together on a weekly basis for a fantastic live stream event that we lovingly call “Ahead of the Game.” But it’s more than just a title. This is literally your chance every week to get ahead of the game. If you watch closely, you’ll often hear things on the show even before we’ve officially announced them in Discord or on other official Gala channels.

In today’s special Gala Music edition of Ahead of the Game, we’ve got updates and news from across the Music team. This is your chance to hear about the latest drops, newest artists and some exciting exclusive All Access Experiences!

Remember to check out the music video for “Swear,” viewable exclusively on Gala Music.

Music Mystery

In addition to the excitement of drops, artists and major updates, Gala Music is hosting a special giveaway event during the show. In honor of the recently released “Swear” from Hip Hop emerging artist J.K. Mac and industry veteran YoungBoy Never Broke Again, we’ve put together an exclusive $9.99 Mystery Box sale.

Each box, containing three prize items, is your chance to win exclusive artist experiences, bespoke merchandise, piles of $MUSIC or $GALA and much more.

"Swear" is the new NFT track from Gala Music, but J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Get a Mystery Box for a limited time, packed with exclusive prizes!

Win Some Mystery

Just by tuning into the live show this week, you’ll have an opportunity to win one of 20 J.K Mac x YoungBoy Never Broke Again Mystery Boxes.

Get really lucky and you might find 500,000 $GALA in one of those boxes.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

If you haven’t checked out the new track on Gala Music, what are you waiting for? You’ll also find the “Swear” music video, exclusively on Gala Music.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

It’s not too late to get your own NFT copy of this groundbreaking exclusive track. Once the Pioneer Edition (300 max) sells out, it’s on to the Limited Edition, and there’s no telling when these NFTs will be secondary market only.

Make sure you join the fun on today’s episode of Ahead of the Game, at 3:30pm PT on the Gala Games Youtube channel!

Emerging Artist Spotlight: J.K. Mac on Gala Music

Emerging Artist Spotlight: J.K. Mac on Gala Music

From the vibrant streets of Montgomery to a meteoric rise into the metaverse spotlight,  J.K. Mac is a testament to the transformative energy of Gala Music.

With the recent drop of “Swear,” featuring the renowned YoungBoy Never Broke Again, J.K. Mac has demonstrated the power of decentralized platforms, making an explosive Gala Music debut in the ranks of Gala Music’s emerging artists.

Gala Music is leading the charge in music’s web3 revolution, offering a blockchain-based ecosystem that breaks down traditional barriers between artists and their audiences. By leveraging the unique capabilities of NFTs to blur the lines between the physical and digital, Gala Music provides artists like J.K. Mac with unparalleled opportunities to connect with fans, monetize their creations and gain the recognition they deserve.

“Swear” on Gala Music

You’ll also find the music video for “Swear” exclusively on Gala Music.

The Journey

J.K. Mac’s journey from a passionate young musician to a breakout hip hop sensation exemplifies our artist empowerment ethos. From his early days, J.K. was always deeply committed to refining his craft, a fact evident in the dedication of his rapidly growing fan base. His music, rich with classic hip hop influences and infused with contemporary production techniques, speaks volumes of his artistic depth and resilience.

The release of “Swear” on Gala Music is more than just a milestone for J.K. Mac—it’s a declaration of the platform’s commitment to nurturing talent and redefining the music industry’s future. Alongside the track, the innovative Mystery Box release offers fans a chance to engage with J.K. Mac’s work on a deeper level, featuring exclusive merchandise, additional NFT tracks, and even the opportunity to interact with the artist himself.

As we witness J.K. Mac’s ascent, it’s clear that Gala Music is not merely a platform but a movement. By aligning the interests of artists and fans through cutting edge web3 tech, Gala Music is setting new standards for artist support and audience engagement. J.K. Mac’s success story should light the way for countless emerging artists, showcasing the boundless possibilities when creativity joins forces with cutting-edge technology.

Stream “Swear” on Gala Music and be part of this exciting journey. We’re not just listening to music– we’re shaping the future of an industry. Join us in celebrating the artistry of J.K. Mac and the innovative spirit of Gala Music, where music knows no bounds, and every artist has a stage.

J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “Swear” – Successful Drop and Even More Mystery

J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “Swear” – Successful Drop and Even More Mystery

Get a chance to listen to the new single from J.K. Mac, featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again? It’s called “Swear,” and it dropped yesterday, exclusively on Gala Music.

The Signature Edition of NFTs (limited to only 100 copies) sold out in about 20 minutes, and y’all were begging for more, so we opened up the next two tiers for automatic release. That means:

The Pioneer Edition Dropped: Every Signature Edition owner got a free Pioneer Edition drop and the remaining 200 Pioneer Editions went up for sale. If you get there fast enough, you might still get your hands on a Pioneer Edition NFT.

The Limited Edition Comes Next: With 1000 total copies, Limited Edition NFTs offer more fans a chance to own the historic drop and share in the $MUSIC rewards on a daily basis. In the same way that Signature holders get free Pioneer drops, Pioneer NFT owners each get a free drop of the Limited Edition track once that tier is unlocked.

Mystery Boxes–Packed with Prizes

With this release, we’ve put together a special J.K. Mac x Youngboy Never Broke Again Mystery Box. Each $9.99 Mystery Box contains 3 mystery items, giving you multiple chances to win big with every purchase. Check out the list:

  • $GALA
  • $MUSIC
  • Exclusive “Swear” Merch (multiple rarities)
  • Raffle Tickets for grand prize fan experiences
  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes Content from J.K. Mac and YoungBoy Never Broke Again
  • Special extended NFT version of “Swear” (enabled for $MUSIC rewards)
  • An additional NFT track by J.K. Mac called ‘Spring Medley’

Mystery Boxes on Gala Music can be purchased with $MUSIC, $GALA, or a credit card.

Get Your Mystery Boxes Here

Collect and Win

Collect Raffle Tickets for drawing entries in two ultimate fan experience packages.

A Bronze Ticket is good for 1 entry, a Silver Ticket represents 3 entries, and a Gold Ticket is worth a whopping 10 entries!

2 Raffle winners will be invited to join J.K. Mac in an exclusive 6-hour studio session.

2 Raffle winners will be invited to join J.K. Mac in a video call.

Collect and Redeem Music Passes for prizes

You’ll sometimes find Music Passes in your Mystery Boxes. Collect as many of these as you can while you can, then redeem them for big time prizes.

  • Redeem 3 Music Passes for an Ultra Rare Hoodie or Ultra Rare Beanie.
  • Redeem 5 Unlockable Content Music Passes for a piece of exclusive behind the scenes content.
  • Redeem 5 “Swear” Music Passes for a special extended edition “Swear” NFT, fully reward enabled for its owner. 

Get Your Mystery Boxes While You Can

Gala Music is committed to bringing you some of the hottest artists, latest singles, and a unique gamified approach to music that empowers everyone to connect with their favorites on a deeper level!

Listen to “Swear” now on Gala Music

Mystery Box Terms and Conditions

J.K. Mac and YoungBoy NBA drop “Swear” exclusively on Gala Music

J.K. Mac and YoungBoy NBA drop “Swear” exclusively on Gala Music


“Swear”, the new track from J.K. Mac feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again drops on Wednesday, March 20th. Mark the occasion by grabbing a Mystery Box to win phenomenal J.K. Mac and YoungBoy NBA prizes.

Two Unique Voices, One Powerful Track

We’re proud to announce we’re the brand new track from the inspired up-and-comer J.K. Mac ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again: “Swear”. The hook – ‘Wallahi’, ‘I swear’ in Arabic – sets the tone for a track that’s a bold declaration of the spirit. 

A collision of Mac’s boundary-pushing production and lyrical depth and the deep melodic vocals of YoungBoy NBA, “Swear” deserves its place as one of the most exciting drops in this year’s roster of track releases. Back to back in the booth for the first time ever, we can only assume this will be the first of many Gala Music drops from each artist. 

As a proud landmark for discovering and lifting up the industry’s hottest emerging talent, we’re releasing “Swear” exclusively for a limited time of 30 days.

Listen to “Swear” on Gala Music

Be Part of the Legacy

We’re celebrating this iconic collaboration by giving you the chance to win some unique, money-can’t-buy prizes from J.K. Mac and YoungBoy NBA themselves. We’re talking exclusive behind-the-scenes content, bespoke merch and much, much more. Mystery Boxes are just one of the opportunities on Gala Music to get even closer to the music you love and support your favorite artists directly.

For your chance to win, cop a Mystery Box and lift the lid on this phenomenal collection of prizes. Grab yours from Gala Music for $9.99.

Buy yours here

Cinematic Visuals 

“Swear” is bolstered by an official music video which is cinematic in its scope and isn’t afraid to portray the song’s evocative narrative with realism and authenticity. Featuring both artists, it’s a visual dedication to graft, remembering your roots, and the power you can create from combining immense talent with hard work. Both compelling and unflinching, it serves as an inspiration to everyone out there on a mission to serve their purpose and work their way to the top of their game. 

The Come Up

Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, J.K. Mac is captivating music fans and the industry alike with his chameleon-like flair for switching up genres; from the infectious sleeper hit “No Love” to the melodic introspection of “Kale”. One listen to his diverse discography tells you all you need to know: you can’t predict what he’s going to do next, which is why the world can’t help but keep coming back for more. 

YoungBoy NBA’s Hot Streak Continues 

Incredibly prolific and adored for his uncompromising lyricism combined with innate melodic richness, YoungBoy Never Broke Again burst onto the scene in 2015 and quickly became known as one of his generation’s most poignant musicians and storytellers. 

A regular staple on the Billboard charts, his 2018 debut album, Until Death Call My Name, notched its place as a Top Ten of the Billboard 200, swiftly followed by chart-topping mixtape AI YoungBoy 2. His features read like a who’s who of the rap game, boasting collaborations with the likes of Future, Lil Baby, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Rich the Kid, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone and Birdman. 

The Best in Web3 Music

Gala Music redefines what it means to be a fan, enabling you to experience music more powerfully than ever before.

We’re transforming the music industry as we know it – tearing down the walls between fans and artists, creating direct connections that empower both. 

From music’s biggest names to the hottest up-and-comers, discover new sounds and own your favorite tracks. If others love them as much as you, you’ll earn some incredible rewards.

Join the Revolution