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New Payment Methods and More Burned $GALA

New Payment Methods and More Burned $GALA

Read more about $GALA supply and tokenomics in the Gala Ecosystem Blueprint.

We’re excited to announce even more ways to join the thrilling Gala ecosystem with the addition of three new purchasing options: USDT, USDC, and WETH!

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What are these tokens, and why does it matter?

USDT (USD-Tether) and USDC (US Dollar Coin) are stablecoins whose trade volume combines to well over $50 billion each day. “Stablecoins” means their value is pegged to the US dollar, offering stability and ease of use for those looking to hold cryptocurrency while minimizing its risk. Stablecoins are often a perfect option for those new to crypto or seeking a familiar reference point. Plus, owners can take advantage of a wide variety of listings and large liquidity for these tokens.

Think of WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) as Ethereum in a shiny new package–equal in price but more versatile and simple to use. 

Burning with Excitement?

You may have heard rumors about Gala’s current plan to burn all revenue from first party sales. Those rumors are 100% true. We split revenue with tons of external developers and artists, and rest assured that they still get their share. 

Now we’ve added even more payment methods. Why Burn $GALA?

The health and the sustainability of our ecosystem are of utmost importance to us, especially with all the massive recent growth we’ve been experiencing. 

Whether you’re buying items or gems for your favorite games, tracks from your favorite Gala Music artists,or Mystery Boxes for your favorite upcoming Gala Film, $GALA will be burned… at least for now.

We’re excited about the next phase of Gala as we pioneer into the web3 world and onboard more users than ever before. Are you ready?