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Daisy Gray’s New Single ‘Almost to the Moon’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

Daisy Gray’s New Single ‘Almost to the Moon’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

As we continue pioneering the music industry into uncharted web3 territory, Gala Music is excited for tomorrow’s release of Daisy Gray’s latest track, “Almost to the Moon.”

This song is an emotional odyssey that delves into the very essence of human connections—love, loss, and the fragility of life itself.

“Almost to the Moon” is Daisy Gray’s personal reflection on the highs and lows of relationships. It beautifully captures the emotional journey of loving deeply, the heartache of loss and the profound introspection that follows. Its poignant lyrics and haunting melodies convey the delicate balance of love’s strength and vulnerability, making it a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever loved and lost.

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At just 24 years old, Daisy Gray has already made a significant mark on the music industry. Her journey began with viral success on YouTube, where her unique covers captivated millions, and has since evolved into an innovative force in pop music. 

Daisy’s ability to infuse her personal experiences into her music, creating vulnerable and unforgettable sounds, sets her apart as a true artist. Her electrifying writing not only entertains but resonates and connects on a deeply human level.

Daisy’s official “Wicked Game” Tribute video has amassed an astounding 26M+ views on Youtube and it’s easy to see why. Her famed cover of Chris Isaac’s classic and haunting melody has also been released as a Signature Edition NFT on Gala Music and if you hurry you can still snag a reward enabled copy.

“Almost to the Moon” serves as a mirror to our own experiences, reflecting the universal themes of love’s transformative power and the personal growth that comes from embracing its trials.

Experience Daisy Gray’s “Almost to the Moon” now and get ready for its exciting (limit 100) Signature Edition NFT drop tomorrow at 12pm PT. This track promises not only to enrich your music collection but also to touch your heart and soul, reminding us all of the profound journey that love can take us on.

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Jwalt Makes Gala Music Debut with “Whats The Deal” ft. Yelly

Jwalt Makes Gala Music Debut with “Whats The Deal” ft. Yelly

We’re excited to introduce a new artist and track that promises to resonate deeply with fans of hip-hop and R&B alike. “Whats The Deal,” featuring the incredible talents of Jwalt and Yelly, is set to drop its Signature Edition NFT on Gala Music tomorrow, April 4th at 12pm PT. Get ready for a mesmerizing musical journey into the complexities of modern romance.

Listen to “Whats the Deal” on Gala Music now

Jwalt, the Oakland phenom known for his poetic prowess and captivating lyrical narratives, teams up with the soul-stirring vocals of Yelly to create a track that’s both introspective and richly melodic. “Whats The Deal” stands as a testament to Jwalt’s artistry, showcasing his ability to navigate the intricate dynamics of love against the backdrop of Yelly’s emotive performance. 

Recorded in the heart of Los Angeles, this track is a hypnotic blend of rhythm and reflection, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own experiences with love.

Jwalt’s journey from the vibrant streets of Oakland to stages shared with legends like Nas and Common, coupled with collaborations that span from ESPN to LRG, has firmly established him as a force in the hip-hop community. His accolades, including Grammy consideration and chart-topping singles, are a mere glimpse into the impact of his work.

“Whats The Deal” ft. Yelly drops on Gala Music this 4/4/24, your chance to immerse yourself in a narrative that’s as compelling as it is relatable. Don’t forget–Owners of this track will be eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards when the track is paired with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node. Welcome to web3 music with GalaChain. 

Don’t miss the Signature Edition of “Whats The Deal” ft. Yelly, with only 100 digital copies available on Gala Music. Join us in welcoming Jwalt to our platform and experience the power of music that connects, resonates and transforms.

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