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Lloyd Yates Makes His Gala Music Debut with “Bring Back The Life”

Lloyd Yates Makes His Gala Music Debut with “Bring Back The Life”

Gala Music proudly welcomes the exceptionally talented indie folk artist Lloyd Yates to our platform, marking his debut NFT with the evocative track “Bring Back The Life.”

Releasing today, April 24, with a limit-100 Signature Edition, this song captures the poignant journey of reflecting on the past to revive the spirit of the present. Lloyd’s music transcends simple melodies, weaving narratives that draw deeply on his life experiences.

From the serene landscapes of Jersey in the Channel Islands to the bustling energy of global stages, Lloyd has traveled the world, gathering inspiration from the waves and the profound journey of fatherhood. His collaborations span notable artists like James Walsh, Tom Mcray, and Rudimental, enhancing his vibrant musical tapestry. Having graced stages like BBC radio’s Maida Vale and Hyde Park, and supported acts such as Soja and Xavier Rudd, Lloyd returns to his roots to pen songs that resonate with his deepest muse—his family.

“Bring Back The Life” is a testament to Lloyd’s artistic depth, exploring the nuances of revisiting the past to spark the vibrance of today. This track is not just a listening experience; it’s an invitation to explore the layers of life’s stories through melody and lyricism.

Listen to “Bring Back the Life” now on Gala Music

As part of the Gala Music ecosystem, fans can lock in their support for Lloyd’s music by owning “Bring Back The Life” and secure daily $MUSIC rewards for their NFT track. This release, part of our Signature Edition, is limited to 100 copies, ensuring that early supporters hold a unique piece of Lloyd Yates’ musical journey.

Don’t miss out on this standout addition to your music collection. Listen to “Bring Back The Life” by Lloyd Yates now, and join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of life through music. Listen Now and become a part of this musical narrative that connects the past and the present.