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All Access Experiences Are Back! Marty Grimes and S2art

All Access Experiences Are Back! Marty Grimes and S2art

Gala Music is thrilled to announce the newest All Access exclusive Experiences, bringing fans closer to their favorite artists than ever before. 

AA Experiences tend to sell quickly. These limited and highly sought-after items are now available for purchase in the Gala Music All Access Store, offering unique opportunities to enhance your music experience and connect with Gala artists on a personal level.

To kick off the next generation of weekly All Access Experience drops, we’ve got three awesome exclusives from Marty Grimes!

Marty Grimes Experiences

With 12 NFT track releases under his belt, hip-hop artist Marty Grimes is a Gala Music must-have. Check out his latest Signature Edition tracks and get a load of these new super limited exclusive Experience items!

Physical Collectibles: Autographed “Marty’s Pocket Rocket

This custom glass-tipped collector’s piece is signed by Marty Grimes and limited to 100 pieces– Available for $30 USD​​.

“Marty’s Pocket Rocket” – Special Collector’s Edition

Virtual Studio Session: Live Songwriting & Recording Session

Marty Grimes in studio

Witness the creative process as Marty Grimes composes and records a song live. Includes a live feed, Q&A session, and moments of interaction, this event is limited to only 50 spots​​.

Physical Collectibles: Autographed “The Marty Missile

“The Marty Missile” – Special Collector’s Edition

This exclusive gargantuan glass trophy piece comes with a custom LED-lit glass rocket stand and extra paper for a second roll. This piece is autographed and limited to only 100 pieces, yours for $400 in the All Access Store.

S2ART Experiences

They See Savages Insight Bundle (Digital)

Dive deep into the creative mind behind “They See Savages” with handwritten notes, lyrics, and exclusive stories about the song’s creation. Limited to 150 bundles, priced at $15 USD each​​.

S2’s Day Sessions (Virtual)

Engage in a personal 30-minute video chat session with S2art, offering fans an intimate opportunity to ask questions and connect. Twenty slots are available at $50 USD each, scheduled on Tuesdays​​.

All Access Experiences are one of the most innovative ways to directly connect with and support your favorite artists. Gala Music artists love the way we can customize these experiences to their unique fanbases, and we look forward to dropping the next round of AA Experiences!

These All Access Experiences are designed to forge a deeper connection between artists and their fans, offering unparalleled insights and personal moments. Whether it’s owning a piece of memorabilia, participating in the creation of music, or having a one-on-one conversation, these experiences push the boundaries of artist-fan interaction.

Quantities are limited on these exclusives, whether physical or virtual. Visit the Gala Music All Access Store today to secure your unique piece of music history and support your favorite artists in a new and meaningful way.

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