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POPCORN! And $FILM: Fueling the World of Decentralized Film

POPCORN! And $FILM: Fueling the World of Decentralized Film

In the realm of decentralized entertainment, Gala Film emerges as a revolutionary platform, empowering filmmakers and rewarding film enthusiasts with a unique tokenized ecosystem. At the heart of this ecosystem lies $FILM, the platform’s utility and reward token.

$FILM has not yet been created on GalaChain, but details of the current token rollout plan can be found in the Gala Film Litepaper, as well as briefly outlined in this blog.

What is POPCORN!?

For their early support of the Gala Film ecosystem, Screen Node operators have received rewards in the form of POPCORN! Buckets. These special units of POPCORN are essentially mint allowances for the creation of $FILM after that token is initially allocated. 

Initial Conversion of POPCORN! to $FILM

With the current plans for $FILM’s initial token creation event, holders of POPCORN! Buckets will receive $FILM at a ratio of 10 $FILM to 1 POPCORN!, with additional $FILM bonuses determined by the size of your POPCORN! Buckets.

Ongoing Conversion of POPCORN! to $FILM

Following the initial $FILM token creation, POPCORN! will still be issued as the initial reward for Screen Node operators and anyone else who has earned $FILM rewards through various platform interactions. This will act as a mint allowance that users can mint (converting into $FILM) when they choose, taking advantage of POPCORN! bonuses by minting larger amounts of $FILM at a time.

What is $FILM?

Now let’s explore the core utility token of Gala Film and its uses throughout the ecosystem.

$FILM is a forthcoming GalaChain minted token that will serve as the primary currency for transactions within the Gala Film ecosystem, enabling users to:

  • Support Film Projects: Users can contribute their $FILM to their favorite film projects, receiving rewards such as early access, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and more.
  • Earn Rewards: Active users can earn $FILM through various types of platform interactions, including watching films, engaging with content, and participating in community activities.
  • Govern the Platform: $FILM holders will also play a crucial role in governing the Gala Film platform, voting on proposals that shape its future direction and pioneering in the democratized future of film.

Utilities for $FILM

Viewers, artists and collectors will earn $FILM rewards, then use them to dig even deeper into the Gala Film ecosystem, enriching the experiences, expanding the stories and bringing the decentralized world of film to life. Here are some of the initial utilities for $FILM:

  • Backing pitches for new films
  • Creating film pitches
  • Purchasing items on the platform
  • Purchasing Screen Nodes
  • Connecting with Creators
  • More to come

Ways to Earn $FILM Rewards

$FILM plays several roles in the Gala Film ecosystem, with each role focused on a different type of reward, encouraging a diverse economy that rewards all types of users while incentivizing user engagement. Rewards will be distributed daily for:

  • Node Operation: $FILM is earned by individuals running Screen Nodes, which provide decentralized storage and computing power for the platform.
  • Content Distribution: $FILM is used to reward users for sharing and promoting content, expanding the platform’s reach and attracting new users.
  • Content Incentivization: Filmmakers and content creators are rewarded with $FILM based on the viewership and engagement of their content.
  • Ecosystem Supporting Behaviors: What’s good for the platform is good for everyone, so engagement that supports the health of Gala Films will be rewarded.

$FILM and POPCORN! stand as cornerstones of the Gala Film ecosystem, fueling its decentralized operations, incentivizing user engagement, and rewarding those who contribute to its success. , $FILM is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of film entertainment through the Gala Film ecosystem.

Coming attractions will soon come to a close, and it’s almost time for our feature presentation! Get ready to reshape the world of film through the power of GalaChain.

Learn more about Gala Film in the Litepaper

Gala Film: Going Deeper into the Stories you Love

Gala Film: Going Deeper into the Stories you Love

We’re making the empowerment of web3 simpler than ever before, but sometimes it’s best to break down the core concepts–This way we can help you really understand what this groundbreaking tech can do for you. The revolutionary ideas of Gala Film are going to reshape the future of the industry, breathing new life into cinema by making it more enjoyable and more rewarding.

The four core concepts below are the simplest way of expressing how we plan to change the world of entertainment with Gala Film. Check it out.

Learn more about Gala Film in the Litepaper


Delivering free, high-quality, and enjoyable content in the 21st century is a barrier to some services, but not Gala Film. Everyone will have the ability to enjoy exclusive Gala Film content for free.


By giving you a chance to unlock more content, you can look deeper into your favorite stories. We love gamification, and GalaChain allows us to turn life into a playful adventure. Start opening mystery boxes and assembling the Shards you’ll find within to unlock Director Cuts and dive deeper into the stories you love.

What do we mean by looking deeper? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an exclusive look into what made that villain so evil, or what happened to the ex after the breakup? Maybe you’re hungry for a segue into the next episode or upcoming sequel. Unlocking exclusive content empowers the viewer to take the best seat in the house, experiencing stories from a metaverse perspective. Only on Gala Film can exclusive content unlock more of the story. 


The primary way for Gala Film users to own items and generate rewards is through Moments, individual units of scenes extracted from a film or series. Each Moment rewards owners every time that film is watched, and Moments come in a variety of rarities. In the same way that shards combine to form Director Cuts, Moments combine to form Scenes.

A Scene is a completed collection of Moments, and when full Scenes are created your daily rewards will increase. More information about rewards can be found in the Litepaper linked above. Moments are purchased in Moment Packs through the Gala Film store, or found within Premium Mystery Boxes.


Screen Nodes are the foundation of Gala Film and what makes us unique and innovative – hosting every film, episode, director cut, trailer & more. Anyone can purchase a license to operate a Screen Node. By running your licensed Screen Node, you can power the ecosystem and receive daily $FILM rewards for your contribution!

Something for Everyone

Everyone watches video content, and everyone loves getting more out of the content they enjoy most. Watch your favorite content for free, earn rewards for supporting the ecosystem, and unlock exclusive content that allows you to get deeper into the stories you love.

Web3 is changing everything, and not only for viewers, listeners and gamers. The Gala Film model will encourage film artists of all types to level up into the web3 world. Imagine professionals like cinematographers, directors, actors, costume designers, writers and more, all realizing the potential of web3 for their artistic careers.

By introducing regular users to Gala in this simple way, we can illustrate its benefit when it comes to things they’re already doing, like watching movies, listening to music and playing games. Once they understand its power, every user can decide to empower themselves through ownership and enhance their rewards whenever they are ready!

We’re about to open up the film industry on a web3 scale. Thanks for being part of the journey–Get ready to watch, unlock, own and host the best video content you’ve never seen before.

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