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PokerGO Play is Rebranding to Sweep It Poker!

PokerGO Play is Rebranding to Sweep It Poker!

Shuffle up and deal! PokerGO Play is soon rebranding to Sweep It Poker! This rebrand will come with some fun aesthetic updates and continues to offer the same engaging features you love about the casual sweepstakes based poker game.

Daily Challenges and Sweepstakes

Under the new banner, Sweep It Poker continues to offer daily challenges that test your skills and keep the excitement alive as you build your chip stack and climb the leaderboards. Additionally, you can compete in regular free-to-play sweepstakes for a chance to win $GALA.

The Sweepstakes add an extra layer of thrill, giving you more reasons to play every day. The more chips you win throughout each Sweepstakes, the more entries and chances to win!

As the game’s core reward opportunity, we really want the Sweepstakes to shine. That’s why we’ve retitled the game to Sweep It Poker.

NFT Avatar Frames and Bonuses

Players can still obtain various gameplay bonuses for collecting and playing with NFT Avatar Frames, but all Avatar Frames will soon be removed from the store forever, meaning you’ll only be able to find them on the secondary market (if you’re feeling lucky)!

These frames not only enhance your avatar’s appearance but also offer daily chip boost advantages. By sunsetting the primary sale of these items with the game’s rebrand, we can ensure that their benefits will be exclusively valued as early adopter rewards!

Keep collecting and using these limited supply Avatar Frames to boost your performance and stand out in the poker arena, while you still can!

Why the Rebrand?

The rebranding to Sweep It Poker reflects our commitment to evolving and enhancing the player experience. We believe this new identity better captures the dynamic and rewarding nature of the game.

Our goal is to create a platform where players can enjoy not just poker, but a comprehensive and engaging gaming experience that rewards their efforts and time.

Join the Revolution

As part of the Gala Games platform, Sweep It Poker is powered by GalaChain, our purpose-built blockchain designed to support high transaction volumes with low fees and rapid settlement times. This ensures that your gaming experience is seamless and secure.

Tell your friends, take a seat and get ready to clean ‘em out with Sweep It Poker, new from Gala Games!

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